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What Is Copywriting?

13 Ways to write better words for the web and grow your business

10 years ago I didn’t realise I was writing copy.

Then one day, I was at a marketing event and I was in a conversation with someone and he said, “Oh, you’re a copywriter!”

It’s like the heavens opened up…

I know it sounds dramatic but it was like a... Coming to Jesus moment because I finally knew what I was doing and how to identify myself.

I dived deep into this world of wordsmithery, marketing and cultivated my own style as a copywriter.

Things started to click

Two years ago I shifted gears…I was getting asked the same questions from clients, time and time again

Do I need a website?

Can I charge this much?

What should I write on my website?

How do I get more customers?

What’s an email list?

And the big one - Nat, how can I make money doing what I love?

And Bamm! A moment of clarity happened.

I could make a bigger impact teaching what I know.

YOU are the best ambassador for your business.

If I can show you how to apply some copywriting tips, strategies and formulas... then I can help you turn that dream business into a reality.

Today, after working with different brands and businesses across different industries around the world... I know where I sit comfortably.

I know the types of people I adore working with. And the businesses I love to collaborate with and I call you out all the time:

Creative and Spiritual Small Businesses and Budding Entrepreneurs.

It's hard to sell yourself

As an ex-dancer, married to a music composer and after working with clients in these creative and soulful niches for a decade... I know that so many of us - creative beings - struggle to sell ourselves.

I know, it sucks… If only your unique gifts would sell themselves, right?

So, my goal and the reason I do what I do is to help you bridge the gap…

Show you how to take your gift, your talent, product or services, charge what you are worth and... share it with your dream customers in a way that feels natural and authentic.

And that bridge is copywriting.

People don't read anymore

Right, you might be thinking, "But, Nat, we live in a visual world, people watch videos more than they read?"

And, yes, videos are fantastic and getting bigger and bigger but…

  • The script you write for the video needs an attention-grabbing title...

  • You need your words in your script to engage and inspire the reader to keep watching...

  • You need to capture the viewer's imagination...

  • And use keywords to rank higher in the search.

These are copywriting tools and techniques,

And then, the description used to promote the video is 100% copy.

The same is the case if you have a podcast.

Think of it like this:

When you write words in your business, you are writing copy.

When clients say, “I don’t want to write too much on my website because people don’t read anymore”

I let them know, with love, that although a lot of us skim-read web pages...

We will read longer texts when it’s easy to read, engaging to us, entertaining or informative.

According to blogger and teacher Ryan Robinson, in his article, 'Do People Still Read Blogs?' He says,

Source: Ryan Robinson Blog Dated Dec, 2021

If we lived in a world without copy

And here’s a fun exercise ~

Go to your favourite website. Now, imagine the pages to be filled with images and no words. With the videos with no sound or captions…

It would be pretty strange, right?

Even Apple - a brand deeply rooted in design and visuals use the power of words to elevate their marketing so they can connect and persuade their customers to pull out their cards and buy.

That is the magic of copywriting.

Let’s go deeper.

What is copywriting?

In a nutshell, copywriting is the art and science of crafting words that inspire the reader to take action.

I say art and science because we need a bit of both.

You need to creatively tell your customers about your products and services (this is the art)... while using copywriting rules and formulas to inspire action (that’s the science).

I love this quote by conversion copywriter, Joanna Wiebe. She says,

You want to keep moving the needle

Every component of your copy needs to be airtight, effective and flow seamlessly from one element to the other:

For example from:

  • Captivating headline

  • Engaging body copy with stories

  • Benefit and value stack

  • Backed up with proof, evidence, stats, quotes or data

  • Clear CTA (call-to-action) at the end

Let’s look at each one a little closer and how they flow into each other. I really want you to get this!

Your headlines should:

  • Grab your readers attention

  • Create intrigue

  • Whet their appetite

  • Pique their interest so that…

They read past the fold and into the body copy.

Now that opening paragraph should speak directly to the reader's pain point or desire.

I’m talking, get straight to the point… No warm-up.

Drop the reader in the thick of the action. As in Act Two of the play where things are kicking off. At this point the hero is fighting the good fight and confronting their demons

This should capture the reader's attention enough so they keep reading to learn more.

I love this quote by copywriter Joe Sugarman, he says

OK, so let’s carry on…

Next, you come in with the benefits…

Why should your reader care about what you are saying?

Why should they keep reading?

What’s the sweet reward for doing so?

A selfish act

Remember, we’re selfish creatures… I don’t mean it in a bad way, I mean in it an advertising context. Your customers care about their problem, their situation, their pain point, their grievance…


Or they care about their dream scenario and amazing experience. They're focused on fulfilling a desire, achieving a goal or outcome that lights them up.

Either way, they’re looking out for number one!

When it comes to copywriting, it’s not about you. It’s about your customer. So, make it clear in your copy that you’re speaking to them!

Then you want to deliver the goods by giving them what you promised in the headline…

  • The top tip

  • 5 ways

  • Secret formula

  • How to X,Y,Z

Backed up with some stats, data, evidence or proof to put to rest any questions or objections they may have.

And then finally, and this is important ~ You include a CTA (call to action).

Know the journey you want your customer to take

Be clear of your end goal before you start writing.

The quote by Stephen R Covey comes into play here:

“Begin with the end in mind.”

You should know what action you want your reader to take when they get to the end of your copy…

  • Do you want them to buy

  • Download a guide

  • Watch a video

  • Subscribe to a podcast

  • Join your email list

Whatever it is... have it in your mind before you start writing. That way you can structure your copy in a way that leads to that action.

Make sense? OK.


Where you use copywriting in your business

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of copywriting most small businesses do.

  • Content Creation - blogs, guides, downloads

  • Website pages and product descriptions if you sell a physical product

  • Emails

  • Social media posts

  • Printed Stuff, like brochures, newsletters, press releases (which can be online too!)

I did a post looking at the difference between content writing and copywriting.

It offers a deeper breakdown of the different writing hats you are most likely wearing in your business.

Why do you need copywriting in your business?

Copywriting is about communicating in a way that is relatable, clear and effective.

Your words should connect with your readers.

Yes, people use logic to understand the facts and make judgements but we buy with emotion.

We wanna FEEL something before we pull out our cards and add to cart.

So, your copy should cut through the noise and get straight to the heart of your reader:

  1. Explain your purpose, mission or “why”

  2. Share your unique story, perspective or polarising position

  3. Make your client feel emotionally seen, heard and understood.

  4. Reassure them that they aren’t alone and their situation can be resolved.

  5. Instruct your client on the next steps to take on the journeyAnd when done right, copywriting can help to rank your website on the first page of Google.

Wanna know how to rank higher on Google without spending money? WATCH THIS VIDEO

So, how do you become a better copywriter?

I thought you’d never ask! I believe everyone can learn to write amazing copy for their business.

I know, I might be talking myself out of a job, but it’s what I truly believe, which is why I share these tips and insights with you.

Sure, if down the line, you wanna outsource your copywriting projects then by all means reach out to me but…

I think when you’re just getting started you should write your copy, practice and try the following tips:

  1. Keep it simple with clear, concise, conversational words.

  2. Don’t worry about grammar. Yes, your English teacher may frown but use one-sentence paragraphs and start sentences with “and” and “but” etc.

  3. Break up your copy with bullet points and numbered lists

  4. Practice writing attention-grabbing headlines.

  5. Remember, the reader is the Hero. It’s not about you.

  6. Show credibility and your expertise. Include expert opinion, stats, data, numbers, testimonials, references, etc.

  7. Highlight benefits more than the features. It’s less about WHAT they are buying and more about HOW it will impact their lives. Remember! We buy with emotion.

  8. Use Stories to market and sell

  9. Let your speaking style influence your writing style. In other words - Write how you talk for a natural tone and style.

  10. Don’t overthink it. Keep it simple. Get to the point. Be clear.

  11. Learn SEO but don’t let it overwhelm you. Focus on creating valuable content and your SEO will improve over time.

  12. Revise your work. Don’t settle with the first draft or idea. Revisit. Edit and tweak. There’s always room for improvement.

  13. Write something for your business every day… even if you never share it. Make writing something you do as much as possible.

You can dive deeper into so many of what I just listed on the blog. There you’ll find videos, blog posts and free guides and resources to help you master your words for the web... Such as this Copywriting Guide For Beginners. It will walk you through how to write words online (on your website, in social media captions and emails) that resonates with your readers.

And, hey, be a generous soul and share this video with a friend. Sharing is caring.

And there you have it, a deep dive into copywriting and how you can use it to grow your business.

Now I would love to hear from you!

Did you like this video? Was it helpful in any way? What part resonated with you the most?

I would love to know. Leave me a comment or question below.

Till next time

Love Nat x

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Nichola O'Hara
Nichola O'Hara
19 בינו׳ 2022

Nat, wow this was bursting with so many great ideas and tips! Copywriting is definitely something I want to really nail this year and I know speaking specifically to my ideal clients is key. But you gave some much more here. After writing this I'm going to go through the blog and see if I missed anything in the video, as the goodies were coming thick and fast! thanks so much for another great video😀

19 בינו׳ 2022
בתשובה לפוסט של

Nichola, darling, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I'm so thrilled it resonated with you and you found it helpful. You are spot on when you say that speaking to your ideal clients is key - YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Happy blogging!

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