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Let’s stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and instead find a formula that will get your marketing wheels in motion… One word at a time.


Your Unique Gifts Won’t Sell Themselves

When you understand that your gift, expertise, unique perspective, knowledge and talent aren't enough to turn your dream idea into a profitable business…


Then you’re halfway there.


The magic comes when you partner your gifts, talents and expertise with a proven plan, a simple system and a recipe for success that you can rinse and repeat over and over again.

Make Way For The Magic

Your Unique Gifts Won’t Sell Themselves

Copywriting is everything… But first, let’s make sure you’re in the right place ~




If you’re transitioning from your 9-5 or have a side hustle or passion project that you want to turn into your main money-maker. 


If you’re ready to take action on making that dream idea a dream reality and sidestep the noise and confusion on the web…


I can help.

If you identify as any of the following: 


  • Artist

  • Musician

  • Writer or poet

  • Dancer

  • Florist

  • Graphic designer

  • Fashion designer

  • Chef

  • Photographer

If your gifts fall under any of the following:


  • Mindful & Wellness Coach

  • Yoga Instructor

  • Meditation, Spiritual Teacher or Guide

  • Seeker & Healer

  • Massage therapist

  • Reiki practitioner

  • Acupuncturist

  • Osteopath & Chiropractor

  • Therapist

Who I Serve

It’s not an exhausted list but if you see yourself shining - even just a tiny bit - in any of these areas then Welcome!


If you’ve never worked with a copywriter before - or even if you have - then (and at the risk of blowing my own trumpet) you’re in for a treat…


What's great about Nat (aside from her undoubtable skill, knowledge and experience) is her approach.

Pure joy! I was a bit worried as we only had 2 hours and I'd spent a lot of money so I wanted every second to count. Thankfully, it did. We jumped straight in. No beating around the bush. She came prepared. 


What's great about Nat (aside from her undoubtable skill, knowledge and experience) is her approach. 


She's so genuinely positive and enthusiastic (it's contagious) but that doesn't mean she'll just say yes or not call you out on your bullshit. 


She can be firm, deal with what's not working, push you out of your comfort zone, whilst keeping things fun and positive all the while. It's a real gift.


I'm Not Your Average Copywriter




Cut from a different cloth

I teach what I know and how to do it well. The way I see it ~


If we never work together I want you to have the tools to practice and perfect your own unique brand style and signature voice using the FREE workbooks, guides and training videos I share.

Everyone has a story inside them and everyone can learn how to share that story online in an effective and engaging way.

We’ve gotta be a great fix. If the chemistry isn’t there, I won’t say yes.


It’s not about the money. It’s about the mission and mindset.

Vanity Metrics v.s. The Real Sh*t

Style or substance

Contrary to what Olivia Pope would say: It’s not about the optics!


Sure it’s nice to have large IG followers and subscribers on YouTube but are those numbers contributing to your bottom line?


How many people are visiting your website?

How many people are downloading your free guide?

How many people are joining your email list?

How many people are buying your products?

How many people are reaching out to book a call?

How many people are buying for you again… and again… and telling their friends?

How many people are opening your emails, signing up for your masterclasses and signing up to your programs?


A lot of people are more concerned with the vanity metrics ~ the numbers that look publicly ~ and not paying attention to the numbers that actually matter.


And it’s the real sh*t I care about the most. The numbers that will make a difference in your business. 


Trust me, the vanity numbers are nice but note at the expense of the numbers that your family and bank manager care about.

And that’s why I created my system... and why it works

We start with the core fundamentals and build on it

systems that work.png

I had tears in my eyes reading it

I was struggling to find the words to express myself on my sales page. I knew what I wanted to say but it didn't sound authentic.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Nat. She is truly brilliant and so talented. I enjoyed every second of this process. She listened to me and somehow put my words so beautifully on the page.

When she sent me the revised version, I had tears in my eyes reading it and goosebumps! I am so happy I met her. I loved working with her and look forward to working with her again.

MICHELLE, Type 2 Diabetes Coach and Course Creator,


Make Way For The Magic

You already have all the ingredients you need to make a delicious cake...You just need to follow a simple recipe so here goes ~


Everything needs to be added at the right time and in the right order.


So imagine the research, brand story and website copy steps are the ingredients needed to make the cake.


And email and social marketing steps are the icing and sprinkles that go on top.  


You could have a beautiful and mouthwatering soft crumb cake but the problem is…


Most people are adding icing to a half-baked cake. 

They’re posting on social media without purpose

They’re sending emails without a system… that’s if they’re sending them at all

They’ve got a website that’s collecting dust in an unvisited shelf on the web… And they’re embarrassed to send people to it

They’re not crystal clear who their target audience is, what their needs are and how they ca help them

They haven’t defined their unique brand voice, haven’t niched down and are fatally speaking to everyone.


Sound familiar?

Fret Not… That’s Where I Can Help

STRATEGY CALL: Research & Brand Story

Here's where we lay a solid foundation as we:

  • Establish who you are, your audience, what you do and how you do it

  • Your big why, vision and goals

  • The polarising power that differentiates you from your competition

  • Define your unique brand voice, positioning and core values

We deep dive into you... your business... your brand and your dream customer.


You’ll have resources and guides for future reference and action steps for moving forward.


This call is the perfect foundation for beginners and sets the right tone before you write your website pages.


By the end, you’ll have clarity around your position in the marketplace, your target audience, where they are online and how to write in an authentic way that attracts the right people into your world. 

A service that cuts the mustard ~ 2 hours ~ £397 GPS



It's copy time! We get deep into crafting words as we:

  • Write or rewrite your core website pages

  • Optimise the pages with copywriting formulas primed for web consumption

  • Use Keywords and SEO features to ensure you get seen and heard by the people who need you most

We optimise the layout of the pages and structure them with copywriting formulas so… your website works harder than you at converting visitors into buyers and subscribers.


If you need to write your Homepage, About Page, Services or Work With Me Page, Contact Page, Landing Page or Sales Page copy then this is the package for you.


By the end of this call, you’ll have the drafts for your page(s) complete, ready for final edit and install

STRATEGY CALL: Email Marketing 


Together we:

  • Design an effective email marketing campaign

  • Brainstorm and choose an engaging lead magnet

  • Draft nurture sequences so you can capture, keep and build an engaged email list… One that you can sell to so you grow a profitable business


Email marketing drives £33 for every £1 spent and produces 174% more conversions than social media.


This is why growing an active and engaged list is essential if you want to have a profitable online business.


We write words that entice readers to open your emails and encourage them to take action. This package is perfect for designing welcome sequences, sales emails and launch funnels.

By the end of this call, you’ll have the drafts for the emails complete, ready for final edit and install.

STRATEGY CALL: Social Media/Digital Marketing Gameplan


Here’s where we clarify:

  • The importance and effectiveness of posting with purpose

  • Choose the best strategy for you (i.e. organic v.s paid growth)

  • And design a social media or digital marketing game plan that suits you at the current stage of your business.

By this stage, you are clear on your dream customers and what motivates them to take action. You understand the importance of using copywriting tools in your captions and social media content to optimise conversions.


This package is for you if you’re looking to create consistent content and post with purpose. You'll have a system that is in alignment with your brand values and message but doesn’t steal precious time and energy from more important areas of your business.


By the end, you’ll have a system that you can use and sustain.

nat typing on bed.jpg

2-hour Strategy Calls That Move The Needle

The purpose of this call is to gain clarity and design a step-by-step roadmap to empower you to take the next intentional steps forward in your business.


I’ve been working in the digital space putting pen to paper for over 10 years.

My dream clients are small creative and spiritual businesses...

People and brands who are serious about making money doing what they love.

My clients tend to be at the beginning of their online marketing journey, with desires to:

  • bring an idea to life

  • adopt ethical and effective marketing strategies

  • connect with their audience

  • expand their following

  • grow their online presence

  • make more money

  • develop a strong brand identity

  • launch a website, product, service or event

~ The Perks ~








Each call builds on the previous one so you can see real growth and enjoy real progress...

And to a degree, you can decide which package is right for you.


On the FREE call... 

We’ll work out if the other parts (or ingredients of your cake) are baking well first.


For example, if your website:

  • Isn’t optimised

  • Speaks to everyone

  • Doesn’t convert

  • Isn’t attracting your dream customers


I’d suggest we look at that ~ a.k.a. Fix the problem ~ before we dive into social media strategy or discuss the best email automations for your business. 


Let’s bake the cake first!

Then Down The Line...

When your business is thriving, your team is growing and you’re making the impact you’ve always dreamt about but…


You’re too busy to do it yourself then...

Done For You Service




Instead of not knowing what to write and how to structure your pages... By the end of the project you’ll have:


  • Website copy and design narrative that wows your visitors and works like a charm

  • a strong brand message

  • copywriting formulas that work like a dream and

  • SEO rich website copy for your 4 main pages

This is copy crafting in full effect. From body copy to headlines to call-to-action and subject lines that grab attention and inspire action. We break down the following:

  • An overview of the customer journey mapped out analysing every touchpoint considering where they are in their journey as it relates to your brand

  • Brainstorm Lead Magnet ideas and ways to serve them in a big and time-saving way for you

  • Write copy that speaks to your audience at the right time in the right way

  • Nurturing and warming them up at every stage so they are more willing and ready to book a call or make a purchase when the time is right


With both packages, you can expect:

  • consultations on drafts, proposals to meet your spec and requirements

  • final submissions with a quick turnaround.

  • weekly zoom calls and access to me

By the end, you will have your copy written and ready to install. Typically a 6 -7 week turnaround.

victoria ellis.jpeg

I could not have achieved my goal without Nat's professional experience, guidance, and most importantly her love for giving someone the opportunity to expand and live life more fully by using the unique gifts

Nat serves with a very big heart!


I have the tissues first! For me, this has been a huge experience. Nat has been a joy to work with, every step of the way. It's a pleasure to feel her radiance and enthusiasm on each of our meetings, voice messages and texts. 


I have received so much more than I was expecting. 


I was starting out at the beginning, with a capital B but Nat's reassurance and clear understanding was there from the start. 


From that moment, I could see that I was on board with an enthusiastic and compassionate professional. 


Her commitment has been 100% There was so much support at all stages of the process. 


Nat unfolded the process skillfully and sensitively as she got to know more about me. 


She's an excellent observer, you can see her listening, absorbing and then responding with careful, thoughtful advice. 

I could not have achieved my goal without Nat's professional experience, guidance, and most importantly her love for giving someone the opportunity to expand and live life more fully by using the unique gifts that we have been given. 


And, Yeah, These Prices Are A Little More Than You’ll Find On Fiverr...

But, I figure as a fellow creative soul, you know what I mean when I say...You get what you pay for! [wink]


I aim to please and tend to go above and beyond for my clients but... I want to stay competitive and work to industry standards ~


So, consider this fact:

A quality Sales Page typically comes in at £5K and

A Page of Website Copy hits the £1K mark when done right.




If you're paying for research, messaging excavation and data mining to deliver one deliverable...


I figure I might as well throw in:


A couple more drafts for your viewing pleasure, a revision or two, plus some bonus guides and resources to make sure you get plenty of bang for your buck!

treasure map and keys


You meet your best friend for a coffee and a cheeky flapjack and she asks about that business idea you’ve been talking about for ages.


Expecting the usual response; excuses about time and not understanding tech, etc., you surprise her. 


A big smile sweeps across your face as you whip out your phone and show her your brand new website. 


You are bubbling with excitement.


To your friend, you seem like a completely different person. She can’t get a word in edgeways for the next hour while you passionately tell her about your social media stats and email open rates, the latest orders you shipped and new customer enquiries that are flooding in. 


Your email list is growing with your dream customers and you cannot quite believe that you get to wake up every morning ~ whenever you like ~ and make money doing work that lights you up... 

Dream with me for a sec 

I Could Be Talking Myself Out Of A Job But…

I believe everyone can learn to write copy that people love to read. And because I’m in such a giving mood...

Attract Your Dream Customers

Not sure who your dream customers are? 

This workbook will provide clarity and help you become a compassionate marketer.

Nab yourself a copy

Know Your Dream Customers So Well They'll Think You've Been reading Their Journal.png

Understand your dream customers so you can serve them in a big way

Read More

Brand Story Starter Kit

This is the first step towards building a brand you and your customers love.

Let's get started

Define Your Unique Brand Voice And Write In A Style That Sounds Like You.png

Make this yours. Click here to edit the text and include any relevant information.

Read More

Write Words For The Web That Work

Need to connect with your readers and make money online?

Well, it starts with your words. This guide will help you get started.

Let's do this!

Captivate Your Readers With Copy They Can't Get Enough Of.png

Make this yours. Click here to edit the text and include any relevant information.

Read More

A website guide for beginners

Need a website but don't know where to start?

This handbook will help you get started and include the most important stuff!

You can do it

A beginners handbook to creating a website.png

Make this yours. Click here to edit the text and include any relevant information.

Read More

People don’t buy your products and services…

They buy into your brand story, your message, the way your products and services make them feel and most importantly…


The transformation your product or service can create in their lives

Soulful Strategies

Binge on marketing tips ‘n’ tricks as you did on the last season of The Crown

You'll find a mix of short 'n' sweet videos created specifically with the budding entrepreneur and small creative and spiritual business owner in mind. Copywriting and website tips are but a mere click away ~

Dive into whatever tickles your fancy over on THE BLOG

How To Write Better Copy For Your Business


HC & LM PROMO You are not alone


Write words _ Create website


HC Froggy Business


protect your dream

Soulful Strategies

Wanna start your biz

Online Business

Like When You Shopped For Your Child’s First Shoes… Let’s Start Right

The tools I use and recommend to clients

google doc
google doc
press to zoom
press to zoom
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google drive
google drive
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goal crazy
goal crazy
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keywords everywhere
keywords everywhere
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google notes
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nano teleprompter
nano teleprompter
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adobe pro
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calendly app
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Books To Build A Beautiful (Imperfectly) Balanced Business and Life

If you’ve been hanging with me for a while you know that I don’t believe that balance exists but…


I do believe in channelling your energy in the direction of the things that matter most to you ~ business, life, health, finances, relationships, parenthood, spirituality, wellness ~ and that you oscillate between different things at different times. And that contrary to popular opinion… That’s OK.


Here are some noteworthy, dog-eared and tea-stained page-turners that occupy my shelves but that you may enjoy as well.

The Compound Effect
press to zoom
the conscious parent
press to zoom
Start With Why
press to zoom
press to zoom
the total money makeover
press to zoom
the alchemist
press to zoom
the 5 second rule
press to zoom
How To Win Friends And Influence People
press to zoom
atomic habits
press to zoom
the miracle morning
press to zoom
the mastery of love
press to zoom
the gifts of imperfection
press to zoom
The 5 Love Languages
press to zoom
own the day, own your life
press to zoom
in the flo
press to zoom
The War Of Art
press to zoom

Nat made me feel confident in my ability to create something awesome

Nat knows her stuff! She helps you get right to it with clear direction and loads of motivation. Her ideas are spot on and genius. You'll be tickled pink with the final product!


I've been putting off getting my website off for MONTHS because I was intimidated by the About Page! I wasn't sure how to create an engaging about page that would grab the reader's attention.


Nat made me feel confident in my ability to create something awesome and I felt confident working with her that the finished product would be exceptional!


Amazing! Nat is like a breath of fresh air. I always look forward to working with her. She makes everything feel easy breezy. I can't believe how quickly she helped me to get my story for my about page on "paper", edited and ready to upload to my website! 


alicia murphy.jpg


There’s never the “perfect time” and truth be told, you may never feel ready but if you’ve made it this far then you’ve kept reading for a reason... 


Perhaps there’s something stirring inside you…


The feeling that you could be on the verge of something super exciting and life-changing. 


Perhaps it’s the whispers of courage telling you to put yourself... your big hopes… and lifelong dreams in the spotlight for once. 


There's no such thing as the perfect time but... the time is always perfect to do what's right… and if that means starting, growing and transforming your business then this is your time.


Let’s make it happen