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Radically Transform Your Freelance 
Copywriting Business or Start The Copywriting Business Others Are Green With Envy For

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No more networking like crazy, accepting every offer that lands in your inbox or blogging till your fingers bleed. It’s time to learn…

A proven system to shift the way you start, run and scale your copywriting business so you can support and serve your clients from a place of abundance, not burnout.

Is This Training For You?

This FREE Masterclass is for aspiring and freelance copywriters.

Here's what you'll learn in
The Masterclass: 

  • How to build a wildly popular copywriting business that provides the freedom and abundance you desire (in less time than you think)

  • Make the powerful shift that will forever change the way you position, package and sell your products and services (discover the new way to build and run a copywriting business. One that works in the modern world)

  • Become the expert copywriter in your industry and get paid for the privilege (no more slashing your prices to get the job or working on soul-destroying projects to pay the bills - even if you’re brand new!)

  • Embrace your inner rebel! You’ll learn how to challenge conventional wisdom, colour outside the lines and break some rules (so you stand out in a saturated market and book your dream clients) 

  • And how to do all of this without hitting burn out and sacrificing the things in life you cherish the most. (Like quality time with loved ones, energy doing what fulfils you and experiencing the creative freedom needed to produce your best work)

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Become part of the new wave of copywriters.
Creative wordsmiths who...

Rewrite the script, shake up an entire industry and write words that change people’s lives.

Who is this chick?

Nat is a content copywriter and soulful business strategist. She’s been in the game for 10 years working with start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs to award-winning brands and multi-million-pound companies. 


She now specialises in helping new and aspiring freelance copywriters start and run their copywriting business in a way that is sustainable and scalable in the modern world. 

Her flagship copywriting programme, The Copy Rebel, is a high-level certified coaching programme designed to guide and mentor the next generation of compassionate, creative and purpose-driven copywriters every step of the way so they can hit the ground running in just 8 weeks.

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