Know Your Dream Customers So Well They'l


Are you struggling to attract your ideal customer? Or perhaps you're not sure who your dream customer really is and as a result you're trying to appeal to as many people as possible. But as the old marketing saying goes, If you're talking to everyone, you're talking to no-one.

I don't want this for you. Clarity is key.


This workbook will help you get crystal clear on who you serve in your business so you can start growing your business with dream customers that can't wait to buy from you!

By the end of the exercise you'll have the clarity with which to create content, such as blog posts, podcast episodes and videos that speak directly to your dream customers. The questions you'll answer here will also work wonders when you look to start posting on social media, writing copy for your website and create engaging emails.  


Do you ever have a great idea and then you sit down to write and the words you write sound meh? Or worse you draw a blank and find yourself staring at the screen wishing the words on the page sounded as good as it does when you say them out loud?


Hey, no judgement, I've been there. It's a challenge for many of my clients too which inspired this freebie.


So, if you'd like to write in a way that feels natural, friendly and personable then this guide will show you how to connect with your audience in a way that sounds just like you.

Packed with tons of copywriting tips, ideas and examples to help you overcome that dreaded writer's block and show imposters syndrome the door.

I believe there's a writer inside all of us...But if you don't believe me, let me show you how!  

Captivate Your Readers With Copy They Ca


I was trying to serve a broad range of clients and knew I needed to focus more on a specific group but did not really know where to start.


Nat guides you through not only uncovering who they are but how to attract them by putting yourself in their shoes and understanding their worries and dreams. It's a powerful deep dive. 


Grow Your Business With Dream Customers asks all the right questions to inspire you to find the answers.



Listening to ⁨Nat's advice in 5 Pillars To Writing Copy Your Audience Will Love and using my own voice, I did something a bit crazy... I decided to use my own voice and post something on a Facebook group that has over 100k members...well, it went crazy.


I got 100 new emails and my Facebook group is almost 200 members now, which is about 70 new members in one day. The post is still on top with likes and comments coming in! Thank you, Nat, you were right, I need to be myself more often.


A beginners handbook to creating a websi


This is a beginner's guide to creating an attractive and profitable website with ease. I know how challenging and overwhelming it can be to create a website for the first time even when you choose a website template. After guiding many of my clients through the highs and lows of creating their websites I've drilled down the 7 most important things your website needs to be successful.


So, what does a successful website actually mean? Well, from a marketing perspective it means it's attractive, easy to use and invites your audience to engage with you. Engagement can mean different things, for example you may want them to leave a comment on a post, sign up to your newsletters or make a purchase. 


Your business will go through many transitions over the years and your website will reflect the different seasons of your business however the core fundamentals will remain the same. This guide covers those core fundamentals. Do these 7 things and you'll be well on your way!


I've been putting off creating my website for too long. I felt so overwhelmed by all that I needed to do and wasn't sure where to even start.


And then Nat Milligan swoops in like one of the Avengers and saves the day!


I downloaded her freebie 7 Things Your Website Needs to Be Successful and holy guacamole... She made everything so clear and simple.  I seriously can't believe this invaluable info is FREE


I finally have a path of what I need to do to get my website up and running. Thank you, Nat!


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