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Consider this post a friendly reminder of an important truth...

Are you ready? Here goes…

People don’t care about you, your degrees and how amazing you are!

Wait! What?! Did I just say that?

YES! I did!

The truth is people are more concerned about themselves and how to improve their lives.

We are selfish creatures.

I know! I know! That sounds awful and you’re probably thinking ~

“Nat, that’s not true. I’m not selfish and that’s a terrible thing to say!”

But hear me out!

Because we care about our own happiness doesn’t mean we don’t care about other people.

Of course, we do!


As a small creative and spiritual business owner I REALLY want you to hear this ~

Understanding that your customer’s first and top priority is improving their own situation... can take your copy from limp and lousy to effective and engaging.

Here’s the thing ~

When your customers visit your website and read your copy they want to know:

  • If you can solve their problem and

  • fulfil their desire

They want to know:

  • how you’ll do it

  • how long it will take and

  • how much investment they’ll need to make to see results, either in time or money

So, why am I telling you this?

Well, when you understand this simple truth... it will transform the way you write and connect with your dream customers in every area of your business.

When you write copy that speaks to the heart of your dream customer...

When you cut through the fluff ~ more on that in a sec ~ and get straight to the issue:

Their needs and frustrations…

And you call it out so they know you truly see them, understand them and care about them…

They will be more inclined to reply to your emails, leave comments on your posts and buy from you.

Does that make sense? Drop me a comment if it does.

And before I go, a quick word about fluff ~

Fluff is the information you share in your copy that doesn’t move the needle.

This means it doesn’t take the customer on a journey, doesn’t inspire, motivate or encourage them to take action.

Fluff is the words on your website that focuses on you... when you should be shining the spotlight on your dream customer.

Now here’s the thing ~

Mastering the art and science of copywriting takes time ~

I’ve been in the game for 10 years and I will always consider myself a lifelong learner of my craft ~

BUT, I passionately believe... that EVERYONE can learn to write great copy for their business.

That’s why I created this FREE Copywriting Guide For Beginners.

It will help you find the delicate balance between talking about yourself and your products... WITHOUT putting your customers off!

Nab yourself a copy at

And find out how to write words that captivate your reader’s attention.

It’s easier than you think!


Till next time!


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