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Get Eyeballs On Your Brand

5 ways to drive traffic to your website, book clients and make more sales

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What's your story?

Like skipping past the opening credits of your favourite Netflix show... let’s get straight to the juicy stuff. Every business needs a consistent flow of quality clients to survive and thrive. Especially in these volatile and uncertain times. To start, you need to create a unique brand story that captures the minds and hearts of your ideal clients so they become emotionally (and financially) invested in your business.

The brand voice starter kit.

This FREE guide will help you Define Your Unique Brand Voice and Discover a Writing Style That Sounds Like You. It's a brand voice starter kit for new and aspiring copywriters and helps you get your ideas for your brand story - Grab your copy HERE

Once your brand story is dialled in (and be patient and kind to yourself... If this is your first attempt at crafting a brand story, you might need to write a few drafts before you're happy with it... And that's OK - the more you write the better you get 😉) the next step is to tell the world - or more importantly, your ideal readers and customers - that you exist.

Get loud

When you're new in your space - you might be an aspiring copywriter chomping at the bit to book your first client or a passion-driven entrepreneur looking to make a name for yourself - either way, your main goal should be to get seen and heard by the people who need you most. The way to get more eyeballs on your brand is to get loud and proud about the transformational offer.

Not an easy feat in a world where 3.7 million videos are uploaded to YouTube and 93 million photos are shared on Instagram every day. I get it, we live in a time where every kid and their granny are content creators but don't let that discourage you. Leveraging social media and using it to your advantage can help you get more eyeballs on your brand.

Comical gif showing child looking upset.

Does the thought of showing up on social media make you feel like this? Fear not, there's an easy and stress-free way to create multiple social media posts from a single blog post; saving you time and overwhelm... *Sigh*mini meltdown avoided.

5 ways to get more eyeballs on your brand and your name top of people's minds

1. Tell the world you exist

We just touched on this but the key here is to be visible; show up and share your brand story, your message and purpose on social media. Let people know who you are, what you do better than your competition [wink] and the people you love to work with.

2. Optimise your website copy

Your website doesn't need to be the Ferrari of all websites, it can be simple... but should do more than collect digital dust (Ahem, when did you last blow away the cobwebs gathering on your About Page and show your website a little TLC?) I get it, you're busy, hustling for clients but here's the thing...

If you optimised your website, not just with keywords, snazzy visuals and responsive features, but also with strategically placed opt-in, list-building initiatives and marketing funnels and sales pipelines plugged in and running like a well-oiled machine then guess what... You can maximise your lead generation efforts and increase your conversions.

Not sure if you need a website in 2023… Watch this

3. Write customer-centred and ethically persuasive copy

Cilla Black, eat your heart out, surprise surprise, copywriting makes the list! The truth is words matter. The impact of your stories, the way you present the value you bring to the market place and the style in which you sell your offers comes down to the words you write and the copy you craft in your business.

When it comes to writing customer-centred and ethically persuasive copy, you'll want to write words on your website that speak to your customer’s pain points. Be compassionate and understanding. Position yourself, your products and services as the ideal solution in a way that shows you care and can relate to their current situation.

Captivating copy, seamless segues and compelling headlines and CTAs help to attract your ideal customers into your world like a moth to a flame. And if you harness the power of email marketing you can build and nurture authentic relationships with your subscribers... increasing the likelihood that you'll be top of their mind when they're looking to buy what you are selling.

An infographic showing 5 ways to get eyes on your brand and your name top of people's minds.

4. Create transformational products and services

Despite the fact we live in the information generation, people don't pay for information, they pay for transformation. This is important if you're looking to stand out in your industry, sector or niche - especially if you're a newbie in your space.

One way to separate yourself from your competition is to focus on delivering the best outcomes for your clients. Focus on creating an offer that transforms their situation; taking them on a journey from where they are now to where they want to be. When you do that, you become the go-to person in your field, the no-brainer choice and the ideal solution. That's how you book more clients and make more sales.

5. Attract high-quality customers ready (and willing) to invest

No matter how awesome you are, how optimised your website is and how phenomenal your offer is, if you don't drive traffic to your brand, offer or opt-in, all your efforts would be in vain. So, it's important to use organic, paid or a hybrid of both to drive traffic to your business. You can collaborate with other people with a shared or cross-over audience (people who are looking or interested in what you do) or you can explore affiliate marketing. These are some ways to help get your brand to the top of people's minds and your name on the tip of people's tongues.

But don't forget social media and the opportunities you have there to connect with your followers and subscribers and encourage them to join your email list and potentially when the time is right, choose you to work with.

These 5 things will help to grow your business over time. It takes work and dedication. There's no such thing as overnight success. But the investment of your time, creative output and deep intentional work will reap benefits down the line.

If any of this resonated with you and you're a new and aspiring copywriter looking to craft a killer brand story that provides the foundation to dial in your purpose and profit-making offer with clear and captivating messaging, then reach out... It's what I do for my clients and how I help them cut through the noise, make their voices heard and their presence and impact felt.

Book a free Clarity Call with me to discuss your business (or one in the making), what's working (and what's not) and how together we can help you achieve your goals.

'Til next time,


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