Create Your Website Without Overwhelm

A 7 Step Process That Will Get Your Website Up Fast

How long have you been talking about getting your website up but you’re like… “URGH!!! I don’t know where to start.”

Chances are you've been procrastinating on it and have come up with a million and one other things you’d rather be doing...

Such as watching Love Island and cleaning the dishes.

It’s OK. I get it.

BUT if you’re tired of making excuses and wanna have your website up fast ~

I’m talking minus the stress, headache and overwhelm - then this video is for you.

Ok, let’s dive straight in ~


  • Look at the market

  • What is your dream customer saying they need to hear?

  • Collect some data

  • Think about what people are looking for and speak to them. What are they struggling with?

  • Do a little research on your competitors as well and if need be carry out surveys to cover all your bases.


  • This is where you identify what makes you and your process unique.

  • Think about why you do what you do, how you do it and why you charge what you charge.

  • You want to cultivate your personal brand story in your copy. Yes, you start with words BEFORE you pick out your colour palette and brand logo!

So many people get this the wrong way round so remember:

Words Inspire the Website Design

Alright, then it’s a case of blending of step 1 and step 2.

You need to find an engaging way to:

Tell your clients and customers what they need to hear (step 1) with what you need to tell them (which is step 2)

Make sure to weave your brand story and messaging throughout your core website pages.


Get started on dialling in your messaging, tone and style today.

This FREE guide, How To Define Your Brand Voice, is a starter kit for beginners.

It will walk you through how to channel your unique style of writing.

OK ~


  • Here’s where, as Steven R Covey said,

“You begin with the end in mind”

  • Your site map is an overview of how your website will come together

  • Each page and link should flow from one to the other.

  • Think of it like this, you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. Treat your website in the same way.

  • Think of how you want your visitors to feel when they reach your site and how you would like them to travel through it.

  • This is where you map out the user experience and flow for every page.

  • And don’t forget to include CTAs at this stage, very important.


  • Now it’s time to bring all the copy you’ve written so far.

  • Pull together, the research you’ve carried and any testimonials you have into the mix.

  • You should be thinking about Headlines and wireframes for each page.

The wireframe is a techie term.

It's how you bring the information element and design elements together.

At this stage, you want to ~

Imagine you’re a pro chef and you need to have your ingredients, supplies and utensils close to hand.

That’s what this step is all about.


This step doesn’t need any in-depth explanation. This is where you hit the keys and start writing


  • When you’re starting out ~ and if you’re working with a tight budget then pick a template.

  • Templates make it easier for you to get started, it’s affordable and is pretty much paint by numbers.

  • At this stage, using the copy as inspiration you can pick the visual and video assets.

Grab a copy of this FREE guide: How To Create A Website That Attracts Your Ideal Customers and create a website that looks pretty and performs optimally!


  • Here’s where the copy and design marry up.

  • Upload everything to the template. And after some minor edits and tweaks, you are ready to hit publish.

And there you have it, a 7 Step Process To Fast-Track Your Website Creation journey...

Minus the overwhelm.

Now, I’d love to hear from you!

Did you like this video? Was it helpful in any way?

Don’t forget to leave a comment or question there.


Nat x

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