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Write Better Copy using Power Words

Power words and how to use them in your business

Power words, when used in the right way, can radically transform the way your customers engage with your brand and as a result, impact their buying decisions.

When you sit down to write words in your business you are doing more than simply writing.You are opening up a dialogue, sharing your perspective, offering up wisdom and insights and presenting an opportunity to show your reader (and potential customers) you understand the challenges they’re facing but more importantly…

You're providing reassurance because your product or service is the ideal solution, delivered or packaged in the ideal way for them to experience the transformation they’re looking for.

That's why the words you use is so important.

In this week’s video you’ll learn:

  • What power words are

  • How to effectively use them in your business

  • Where to place them in your copy so they pack a Mike Tyson-style punch

  • Some examples of power words - some old-school (hey, they work for a reason) and some modern options

And speaking of being distracted…

According to therapist and CEO of the Cross River Therapy Centre in the U.S., Steven Zauderer says the average human has an attention span of 8.25 seconds, which is less than a goldfish AND 4.25 seconds less than it was back in 2000

And guess what - your customers are spending even less time when they reach your website.

According to Google the average amount of time spent on a website today is about 54 seconds. Yep! Less than a minute!

The challenge for new copywriters and aspiring entrepreneurs

Now, that’s gotta sting after you’ve forked out your hard-earned cash on a fancy website template or web designer, a lifestyle photographer to capture the perfect look and feel for your brand and spent hours hitting your keypad churning out words that express your authentic brand voice…

But fear not, there are ways to overcome this and make sure all your hard work isn’t done in vain.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an aspiring copywriter, when it comes to writing words in your business we’re all in the same boat as far as needing to:

Stop the scroller in their tracks…

Grab their attention and retain it…

Long enough for them to keep reading…

Here’s where you need to stir up curiosity…

Hint at a specific want…

Need or desire and do so in a captivating and compelling way SO…

Your reader takes action when they reach the end.

The solution

You need to:

  • make an impact with your words

  • connect with your customers

  • turn the time-poor and distraction-prone scroller into an engaged reader and enthusiastic action taker

We live in a noisy world where people's attention is the new currency. Everyone is fighting for your attention:

  • social media

  • 24-hour news

  • Email marketers

  • Cold callers

  • Streaming services like Netflix

They’re all vying for your attention and as frustrating as it is to look at the clock in the wee hours of the morning only to realise you sacrificed your beauty sleep for a binge-watching sesh on The Crown. #sorrynotsorry that show's worth the bags under the eyes.

The copywriter needs to...

Grab the reader's attention and guide them through the copy - in an engaging way *obviously* - so they take action at the end.

Copywriters are in the business of attention and retention as copywriter, Alex Cattoni says.

And one way to do this is with the use of power words.

Power words give your copy a shot of adrenaline so it roars like a Mercedes F1 engine with Lewis Hamilton behind the wheel.

Power words, when used in the right way, at the right time and in the right place can make your copy more captivating and compelling and lead to more conversions.

What are power words… and why you should use them?

Power words are used in marketing to create a strong reaction in the reader. They trigger an emotional or psychological response.

They are what I call “charged” words because they up the ante, are elaborate, a bit over the top but very persuasive.

You use power words in your copy to capture the reader’s attention, whet their appetite for more and increase conversions.

For me, when I use power words, I want to do more than simply grab the reader's attention.

I want them to emotionally, psychologically and physically “lean into” the copy. So, they become caught up in the narrative and it’s at that point, I know they are invested in what I’m writing.

Copywriter, Helen Woodward said, “In writing good advertising it is necessary to put a mood into words and to transfer that mood to the reader.”

And that’s what power words do, they embody a mood, a sentiment, a feeling that you want the reader to resonate with.

But here’s the thing…

Power words are designed to stand out on the page. Use them sparingly.

You don’t want to drown your salad leaves in too much dressing if you catch my drift.

Where to use power words

Here are the best places to use them:

Email subject lines


Bridge sentences

Caption openers

Ad copy

Website Copy

Sales Pages

Landing Pages

Scattered *carefully* in body copy

Write captivating headlines using power words

When it comes to crafting headlines, whether it’s for a blog title, ad copy or on your website pages, I want you to remember the 80/20 rule.

According to the folks over at

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

This is the secret to the power of your title.The headline is the most important element of your content… If the headline is boring and bland, that post might never get read.

So, remember that! Your headlines are - in most cases - the most important piece of copy you’ll write. So give it the time and attention it deserves.

Quick copy tip!

Pens at the reader, you A* action taker ~

Try this…

Brainstorm ideas for your headlines.

Include power words to pique the reader's attention, create a sense of intrigue and stir up emotion but…

Ultimately you want to write headlines that inspire the reader to scroll below the fold and keep reading.

Craft hot headlines

If you want to learn how to craft high-converting headlines that when done right, make them hotter than a sun-kissed butt on a Brazilian beach then watch this video.

You’ll learn 3 ways to write captivating headlines that connect and convert.

Examples of power words

Let’s take a look at some examples of power words you can use in your business.

I’ve broken them into 4 categories:

Speed - these words conjure up themes of time sensitivity and high-priority

Action - these are energy-driven and momentum-orientated words

Scarcity - words synonymous with being rare and exclusive

Security - these words carry a sense of stability, impressiveness and low-risk

S.A.S.S or SASS for the cool kids!

Classic and timeless power words…

… Like Audrey Hepburn chic, these words never go out of style.

They’re classic and vintage and work well for a reason:

Get the edge and grab the power words swipe file

While you whizz through these examples, do your copy a favour and grab this Copywriter’s Swipe File of 96 Power Words and Phrases to Zhuzh up your copy.

A modern twist… Power words for the modern marketer

We went through some classic power words but here are some modern takes on the classic versions.

The old way works, like Dolly Parton’s version of, I Will Always Love You, but these power words provide the Whitney Houston treatment - let’s face it… it’s on a whole other level.

Power words for the modern marketer:

What next?

Even LeBron James needed to learn the dribble before he could dunk [wink].

Here’s how to take what you’ve learned here a step further and over time you’ll see remarkable results.

  1. Grab a copy of the Power words swipe file. It’s 96 words and phrases that you can use the next time you write words in your business. Get the FREE swipe file here

  2. Watch this video on how to craft captivating headlines that entice your readers to keep reading, so your incredible content gets seen and read by your customers. Watch the video here

  3. Brain dump at least 15 ideas for every attention-grabbing piece of short copy you write in your business. For example when you write headlines, email subject lines, website headers, ad copy, section-openers and bridge sentences. Write 15 ideas for each. Don’t settle on the first one you come up with. There’s magic to be found when you play with your words!

Turn the comments box into a copy playground…

Flex your wordy muscles... Write a headline for this post and share it with me in the comments.

Let your imagination run free. There’s no right or wrong answer. Whether you’re an aspiring copywriter or not get involved.

I’d love to see your ideas!

Till next time ~

Nat x

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