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A Tale Of Two Frogs

A Dose Of Inspiration If You Feel Like Giving Up On Your Dreams

It’s a froggy affair up in here this week!

Inspired by Darren Hardy, this story is about two frogs and it goes like this.

There was a chorus of frogs leaping through the forest.

It was raining and they were happily and merrily going about their froggy business, jumping about and horsing or rather frogging around.

Two of the frogs were fooling around at the back of the group and fell into a thick sticky ditch.

It was deep and muddy and after a few moments of struggle they cried out to alert their friends.

The other frogs, hearing their friends' cries for help, hopped back to see what was going on.

Looking at their froggy friends in trouble and seeing the panic in their friend’s eyes they shouted:

“There’s no point fighting the inevitable. The mud is too thick and the ditch is too deep, you’ll never make it out. Stop trying.”

But the two frogs kept on fighting.

They tried with all their little froggy might to get out of the ditch.

They tried for hours and hours, determined to free themselves and make it back to their friends.

But as the time passed, their little legs began to tire and their bodies were sore and aching.

One of the frogs, looking up at his friends and hearing their pleas urging them to give up...

Finally decided to listen.

He succumbed to his fate.

He stopped fighting.

Hey lay down and drowned.

The other frog meanwhile remained unwavering in his effort.

The sun faded and the moon started to rise.

He’d been stuck in the ditch for hours but he didn’t want to give up.

He mustered all the courage and strength he had left to leap up with all his might, and he did it!

To everyone’s surprise, he made it out of the ditch and landed on the path beside his friends.

The other frogs celebrated and cheered but remained shocked that he made it out.

One of the frogs approached the heroic frog, their green faces nearly touching, and asked:

“We were telling you to give up. Why didn’t you listen?”

The frog, reading his friend's lips, replied:

“I’m deaf, I didn’t hear what you were saying. I thought you were cheering me on!”

So, sweet soul ~

This tale is layered with a wonderful tapestry of values and lessons that we as entrepreneurs and small business owners can carry with us as we face challenging times in our businesses.

The moral of the story is to never give up.

Don’t listen to the naysayers and the negative voices that may be swirling around you.

Instead ~

Persevere. Keep going.

Remain persistent and keep fighting.

When you tire. Rest. Recharge and Resume.

Never give up, darling. Never give up.

Now, I’d love to hear from you ~

Did you like this video? Did it resonate with you in any way?

Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know.

Till next timex


Nichola O'Hara
Nichola O'Hara
Oct 11, 2021

I love, love , love this story Nat! It’s so true, we are so happy to listen to naysayers but if we focus, stay in lane and go for it, imagining everyone is cheering us on (even if they aren’t!) there is no end to what we can achieve. i am definitely guilty of listening to naysayers (even that voice in my head!) more intently then those positive cheerleaders. It was so nice to have that reminder to turn a deaf war to anything that puts you off track, told in such a lovely way by you Nat! I needed this today ❤️

Oct 11, 2021
Replying to

Knew what you meant! 😂😘

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