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What’s A Facebook Group and How’s It Different From A Facebook Page?

A Facebook Group is a place where a community can come together to engage in shared interests. This might be a cause, an issue or an activity.

A Facebook Page is designed to be the official Facebook presence for a brand, business or celebrity.

The other main distinction is that a Facebook Page is automatically public however Groups can be set up in the following ways:

  1. Publicly Available: Anyone can join

  2. Admin Approved: Administrators review the applications to join the Group and decide whether or not to approve them.

  3. Private: Group membership that requires an invitation to join.

Do You Need A Facebook Group For Your Business?

Since back in 2018 when Facebook changed the algorithm and decided to focus on promoting posts from family and friends over commercial content, businesses and marketers were left with two options:

  1. Invest heavily in Facebook Ads OR

  2. Create a vibrant Group to continue reaching their audience

Since then many brands that have chosen the Group route have seen massive success.

Groups generate better engagement than Pages and when run effectively they can create an active community centred around your products and services.

Things To Consider Before Starting A Facebook Group

Ask yourself the golden question for any business idea: Why do you want to do this?

In this case, why do you want to have a Facebook Group?

It will require time and dedication on your part so it’s important to make sure that your reasons hold up.

As nice as it is from a vanity standpoint to have thousands of followers, the real reason as a business owner needs to be a bit deeper.

From a marketing perspective, I think the end goal for every online business should be to drive sales and generate leads.

I also know that if you’re reading this or you’re a client of mine that you know I’m an advocate of serving your audience and adding as much value as possible.

On both counts you’ll want to ensure that your intentions are reflected in the content you post within the Group. This can be in the form of exclusive offers, video tutorials, Q+A’s and more.


Nat x


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