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How You Can Use Instagram Stories To Grow Your Business

When you're just starting out and at the beginning of you online business journey, you'll likely be thinking about how to use social media to grow your business.

Well, today we'll be focusing on Instagram Stories and how you can use it to grow you business.

But, I want to back track a bit and touch on a couple of important points about social media especially as it relates to new online business owners. So, let's chat about that first before we begin.

Not only is social media a great tool to promote your products and services but its also a great way to share your message, increase brand awareness and reach your ideal customers or your ICAs (ideal customer avatar).

Now I'll always encourage you to start with just one primary social media platform when you're starting out. For example, choose, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Just pick one and dive deep into that one platform.


Curious about why mastering one social media platform will help your grow your online business?

Here's why.


So which platform should you choose?

Well, that depends. You'll want to think about where your ICAs hangout and dive deep into that platform.

I would encourage you to familiarise yourself with that particular platform and when you feel ready aim to use as many, if not all, the features available.

So when it comes to deciding on the best platform for your business consider the following:

  1. Where does your ICA hangout?

  2. Which platform do you feel most comfortable using?

Both considerations are important. But if for any reason the two answers aren't the same, for instance you love Twitter but your dream customers are on Facebook then I would urge you to sway in favour of where your customers are. You should always aim to meet your customers where they are.


If you want a little help figuring out who your ICA is then download my free Attract your Ideal Customer form, which will help you identify who you want to serve and work with.


So, this means you might need to be a little scrappy in the beginning as you figure your way around a foreign terrain but don't sweat it. You'll grow in confidence the more you do it. Then you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about.

OK, it's time to jump into today's post.

If Instagram is the platform for you then you'll want to check out the 3 tips I'll be sharing on How You Can Use Instagram Stories To Grow Your Business.

You'll learn 3 creative ideas you can try today to grow your business using Instagram Stories. These are:

  1. A weekly series

  2. Advice content (and a bonus tip)

  3. Promotional and Testimonial content

OK, are you ready? Let's do this.

IDEA 1. A Weekly Series

This is a series of stories that you'll share every week.

Something like Work with Me Wednesdays, where you give the viewer a little behind the scenes look at what you're up to, what you're working on, etc.

This strategy solidifies your commitment to show up every week.

Or Top Tip Tuesday, where you share an idea, strategy or insight that adds value to your audience.

This also positions you as an expert in your field as well as a team player because you're happy to share your knowledge and experience with other people.

These catchy names and creative strategies help to build the know, like and just factor with your audience who will come to expect a certain piece of material from you every week, which again, increases brand awareness, nurtures your brand identity and cultivates brand loyalty.

IDEA 2a) Advice content

This is content where you do one (or more) of the following:

  • Add as much value in your Stories - this is always a winning formula.

  • Make yourself the go-to source in your field.

  • Create tutorials, how-to's or advice-centred stories - these are all great.

  • Keep your Stories short 'n' sweet - at least in the beginning when you're just starting out

Your Stories don't have to be 100% on brand either. Just make sure it's something that's worth sharing and is relatable in some way.

For example, if your brand embraces life-work (or work-life) balance then sharing how you calm your mind and relax your body after a long day at work might be popular with your audience if it's something they value or aspire to as well.

IDEA 2b. FAQs.

Another idea that falls under this point would be FAQs

If you receive a question from a customer that you think other people in your audience are curious about then share your answer in your Instagram Stories.

PRO-TIP! Screen shot your DM convos especially if someone is showing you love or you've answered their question and it was appreciated. This conveys a sense of devotion to your followers and transparency in your brand.

And now the final idea..

IDEA 3. Promotional/Testimonials

Be creative and use your imagination with this idea. Try to think of interesting ways for people to buy from you.

You could share testimonials or celebrate a win, working with a new client or a recent deal.

Your audience gets to celebrate with you while at the same time highlights what might be possible for them if they buy your product or use your services.

This is also a great opportunity to "promote" your team, if you have one.

Share info about who you are, how you make your bullet proof coffee and the show you're currently binging on Netflix.

Really whatever showcases your brand and the people and personalities behind it can make your business feel more relatable and likeable - plus these little touches make for a great Instagram Story.

You may wish to keep it business focused in which case you could share behind the scenes content - This makes great on-brand content for Instagram Stories.

OK, I hear you cringing and saying to yourself, but, Nat, my life is boring and mundane!

And to that, I'll say, Oh, babe, it's not boring and mundane to your audience!

Here's the thing, what might seem boring and mundane to you is often the most popular pieces of content - I found this to be true with clients I used to post for all the time.

And here's why: People love seeing what other people are up to.

That's right, we're nosy creatures

Never underestimate the richness of your work...and your life.

And you can use Instagram Stories to showcase it all.

And one final point, you don't need to post Stories every day - you could, but you don't have to.

You just need to post consistently. If you post once a week, stick to that. If you post 3x a week stick to that. It doesn't matter either way but Consistency is Key.

OK, let's wrap this up and take what you've learnt and turn it into action.

In the next week, that's right in the next 7 days, I want you to:

  1. Decide which of the 3 ideas you're going to try

  2. Brainstorm some ideas of the content you'd like to share - aim for 4 ideas- that way you can share them once a week over the next month

  3. Schedule a time in your calendar in the next week to create your content (Remember if you don't schedule it won't happen!)

  4. Then Do It! Post your content to your Instagram Stories and tag me so I can see it and cheer you on!

Final word: These are just ideas you might want to try.

They can help you to attract and engage with your ideal customers and grow your business using Instagram Stories.

However, these are quite strategic and require a little planning.

If you're like me and like things to be organised and planned in advanced then chances are you'll love these ideas.

However, if you're more of a wing-it type of girl then, be a little more care-free and just record and share your message, ideas, tips and content on the fly - there's a strong chance your audience might love that about you.

Both styles can work really well so just pick the approach that works best for you. Do what feels right to you and be yourself!

Alright, I'd love to hear from you! Tell me in the comments if you're more of a planner or more of a fly by the seat of your pants kinda a gal. I wanna know!

Till next time,




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