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Doing It Scared

The only way you can fully go after this big dream of yours to start your own online business is to do it scared, at least some of the time.

It might scare you to really go after the dream in your heart, to put yourself out there and to challenge your own limiting beliefs but I want you to know that you’re not alone.

You can do it...but you might need to do it scared.

Much of my work is devoted to encouraging my clients to realise what might be holding them back from showing up on social media, recording their podcast or sharing their message with the world.

Many of them are scared and I get it.

But I know, in my heart, that it’s just beyond the zone of comfort is the opportunity for growth.

The fear is real and it’s natural to worry about what other people will think but you're building your dream business and it needs you to bring it to life - even if you’re scared.

Do it scared in the beginning until the comfort in the "knowing" presents itself.

Here’s what I think when it comes to courage.

I don’t think courage comes solely from big acts of grandeur or in the face of massive life or world-changing feats.

Instead, I believe courage comes from the overcoming of the small daily things that hold us back.

Courage comes from the quieting of the whispers of self-doubt that claim to protect us but in actuality debilitate us and halt our progress.

To me, courage can be found in the doing, in the action you take and in the decisions you make to move you closer to your goal to have an online business.

The courage therefore can be found inside the fear. In acknowledging that you might be scared, embracing it and doing it anyway.

With all my love,

Nat x

Action Steps!

Before I go, I’d love to hear from you.

What’s the one thing you know you have to do right now in your business that scares you?

Share it with me in the comments below. Much like a problem; a fear shared is a fear halved.

P.S. If you're finding the task of creating your website challenging then grab a copy of my 7 Steps to Website Success - I break down the key things your website needs to be attractive and profitable so that designing your website isn't something you have to fear!


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