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Set Boundaries In Your Business

How To Deal With Someone Who Doesn’t Respect Your Boundaries

So what do you do when someone doesn't respect your boundaries?

When you are starting your small business or when you are running a small enterprise ~ when you have a client, for example, who doesn't respect your boundaries, what do you do?

Well, that’s what we’re talking about in today’s video.

It's so easy, isn't it, to compromise and to make allowances and to see something as of massive benefit, which it might be to your business.

But it’s important to check in with ourselves on a deeper level and ask if it’s the right thing for us.

It might be more lucrative.

It might put you in a stronger position financially.

It might provide more exposure and more notoriety.

And, I'm not saying it’s not worth considering but what if that is not in alignment with who you are?

What if that does not serve you on a deeper level?

And what if ignoring the warning signs and going through with something that’s not “right” is in fact short-sighted?

Here’s the thing ~ if it creates internal pain, angst and turmoil because you know that it’s not of service to you or the greater good, it begs the question, what's the point?

Here’s What Happened To Me

I recently had a situation with a potential client that right from the start I knew was going to be difficult.

I just knew it.

And I knew that if I said yes to this person's demands, that I was setting the tone... I was setting the blueprint for how that relationship was going to go.

I was allowing that person to dominate and to control and to, in a way, disrespect and belittle me. So I had to say no.

I Had To Say No

I just had to say no.

I had to say no even though it would have been a great opportunity.

I had to say no even if it may have been great for my business financially.

I had to say no, even if it had the potential to offer more down the line.

Peace Is The Name Of the Game

But, here’s the thing, you have to stand firm in what is right for you.

It's just important that you do so that you can go to sleep at night with peace.

So that you can wake up in the morning at peace.

So that you can attend to your other responsibilities in your business without that niggling, horrible awkwardness that eats away at you because you're like, why did I do this?

No Regrets ~ It’s OK To Walk Away

At that point, you have regret.

So avoid all of that by just standing firm. And honour the fact that you set boundaries in place and you built your business this way.

If somebody doesn't respect it or they try to in whatever way undermine you then you gotta say no.

You just gotta say no and you gotta walk away.

And you’ve gotta trust that The Universe has your back and that ultimately by saying no to one thing that isn't going to work ~ and you know it ~ that you are ultimately saying yes to something else that you really want.

And that's the thing that will be of massive benefit to you in every single way.

Trust Yourself

Trust yourself, trust your instincts. Respect your boundaries. It’s tough but you can do it.

And just remember, sometimes you have to say no so you can say yes to something better, brighter.

It's important.

And now, sweet soul, I’d love to hear from you!

Have you ever been in a situation where someone hasn’t respected your boundaries? How did you handle it? Tell me in the comments.

With so much love,


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Nichola O'Hara
Nichola O'Hara
20 ago 2021

Really interesting video blog today Nat. I have not had an incident like this with a client (yet!) but since I left my job to pursue my business full time I've had to respect my boundaries in a different way. Friends seem to think that I have more time (as if!) or can just drop things to meet up with them because I now manage my own time. Or they are looking for free coaching / training for themselves or their friends. I have had to say no, even if that free coaching may lead to future business, because I need to be 100% focussed on my plan and building the business in the way I need to, for m…

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