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5 Keys to unlock your brilliance

I don’t know about you but I am well and truly up for 2023!

I am excited about it, energised and motivated to crack on and create some magnificent waves that leave ripples for miles.

And whenever I get fired up like this, I think of you.

I think of my community, my clients and my students. I wonder how you’re feeling, what thoughts are running through your head and how - even in just the smallest of ways - I might, with the skills I have, be able to support you in making your year the best it can be.

So, with that in mind, I came up with these 5 keys to unlock your brilliance this year.

You can consider them 5 ideas, perspectives, mindset shifts, attitudes or modes of behaviour. Quite frankly, you can interpret them however you wish but I believe, if you were to take just one of these 5 keys and run with it, it could be a total game-changer in your life and work.

I’m absolutely certain of that.

1. Invest in yourself and close the learning gap

One of the best things you can do - not just this year but every year - is to invest in yourself. You are your biggest asset. There’s no limit to what you can achieve. Take a course, study or learn a new skill that will take your career and earning potential to the next level.

And even outside of work and career, invest in things that will improve the quality of your life and inspire an abundance of happiness and love. Invest in meaningful relationships. Invest time in a hobby that brings you joy. Or perhaps make your home a sanctuary, add plants to your living space, light candles, burn essential oils to adorn and beautify your environment.

2. Stop caring what people think

Now, this is a juicy one! This can be hard and of course, we care what some people think… like our loved ones and our loyal customers. But generally speaking, don’t let other people’s opinions tear you down or stop you from living the life you want. It’s really important, that you don’t shrink to allow others around you to feel big.

3. Shiny object syndrome

It’s tempting to fall into the trap of thinking the next new gadget or shiny tool will answer your problems. And who knows, it might be. But it might not!

And the reality is every time we start and stop a new project, we lose momentum which delays our progress. Plus we send out the wrong signals to the Universe. Signals like we don’t complete tasks… that we don’t follow through… that we never finish what we start. These are unhealthy vibrations to send out into the world.

The key is to find a system that generates the results you want. If it works, double down on it. Stay the course so you can build momentum and see results. There’s no benefit to be found in stopping and starting every time something new crosses your path. Stay focused.

4. Don’t overthink it. Take action

This was big for me when I was starting out. I spent WAY too much time in my head and not enough time in my body. This meant I had tons of ideas that I never actioned.

I procrastinated and mulled things over more than I needed to. I worried about all the things that could go wrong, what people would think, what if I failed, blah blah blah. Instead of taking action. Think it, do it. See how it goes.

Here’s a little real talk for those of you who are watching this with dreams of starting your own business… that business you want to start won’t happen if all you do is think about starting it. You *actually* have to take action.

Reading books and watching YouTube videos will only take you so far. The only way to really know if you have what it takes to do the thing you heart is longing for is to roll up your sleeves and do the work. You’ve got to take action.

5. Find your people

This is super important and the most fun of all 5 keys. I wish I’d found like-minded, ethically ambitious and creative people when I was starting my copywriting business 10 years ago.

Instead, I tried to figure it out on my own. I was stumbling around in the dark, throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something would stick. And I made the mistake of thinking, that’s how everyone else was doing it.

Turns out, smart people find other smart people to be around, especially when they want to achieve big, transformational, life-changing things.

They find a community of people with shared goals and perspectives. It’s important, especially if you feel like an oddball in your existing circle of friends. And in my experience, many of us who are creative, kind-hearted and ambitious with an entrepreneurial spirit, feel a little bit like an outsider.

So, instead of going it alone, sign up for memberships and programmes where you can meet people like you. Join online communities, groups and toastmasters where your people, peers and mentors hang out.

And here’s a Darren Hardy quote to note: "Your net worth is directly connected to your network".


OK, I mentioned at the beginning of this video that I’d share how I might be able to support you in 2023. If becoming your own boss and sharing your awesomeness with the world is part of your plan for 2023, listen up!

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur…

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Here it is.

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If you’re an aspiring copywriter…

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I’ll be by your side every step of the way - as your Copy Coach - to help you stand out in a noisy online world, book ideal clients and be successful on your own terms.

If this floats your boat, then don’t dilly dally - the January class of 2023 is open for enrolment NOW. Classes start January 16th. Book a Copy Chat HERE to learn more.

And if you’re into DIY…

... And you like to learn and apply copywriting tips, tools and techniques yourself then you’re in the right place.

I fire out an email, drop a blog post or knock out a video every week. Each one is packed with ideas to inspire quick wins and lasting results.

Sign up for my emails if 2023 is the year you write words in your business that spark curiosity in your readers, grabs their attention and inspires them to whip out their cards.

Before you go, I would love to know, which one of the 5 keys resonated with you the most? Which one will you try to implement in 2023? Which one do you think will have the most transformation in your life and business?

Tell me in the comments.

Till next time,


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