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3 Steps To Achieve Your Dreams

From dreaming to doing: A simple process to achieving your goals

Here are 3 steps to implementing your ideas, taking action and ultimately achieving your dreams. Whether they are big or small, audacious or personal and private to you. These 3 steps will help you to get going in a simple, yet effective way.

Step 1

💭 Dream It. Give yourself permission to dream it; dream the impossible, wildly incomprehensible and unrealised dream. After all, it’s impossible until someone does it, right?

And then, visualise the life you want. That’s not woo. It’s science. What the mind can achieve it can achieve so harness the attitude of, ‘what you think about, comes about’)

Step 2

📝 Plan It. Create a plan to achieve the dream. This is where you shift from the ‘dreamy’ right hemisphere of the brain to the left logical and strategic side.

You want to design a rough plan including the first 3 steps you need to take. I say, a ‘rough’ plan because you won’t necessarily have a crystal clear plan at this stage especially if you are doing something completely brand new. And that’s OK.

If this is the case for you then your first step might be to do some research, follow someone online who’s achieved the things you desire, buy a book or enrol in a course.

Whatever you need to do, write it down. There’s a proven benefit to taking your ideas from your brain and writing them down. Not a fan of scribbing? Fret not. You can use a tool like Google Docs or Notes to house your ideas digitally.

If you want to get really fancy, use a project management system like Asana, Monday, Trello, or my personal favourite, Notion and design a realistic plan to execute your plan.

I recorded the message below for my Done with You clients a few years ago to encourage them to keep going. Writing copy, coming up with ideas and finding creative ways to position yourself and your offers can be challenging. Yes, I was with them every step of the way throughout the creative project but I know that doubt can set in so I recorded this message for them. It might be what you need to hear today as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, face a difficult decision or work on a challenging project.

Step 3

💪 Work It. Well, this couldn’t be any more self-explanatory… You simply need to work the plan. Follow the steps, course correct where necessary, pivot and sometimes change ideas but ultimately keep moving in a general direction toward your version of success.

Stay on your game. Keep distractions at bay. And, reduce the chances of shiny-object syndrome showing up.

Bonus tip. If you find yourself comparing yourself to other people, remember this likely framing: The chances are, you are comparing someone else’s 10-year public expression of success to your in-the-moment early-days, private messy inspired action.

Instead, stay attuned to your vision, keep working on the plan and move closer to the goal.

Activate your mind and body to achieve the success you want.

And for the record, the road from dream to reality doesn’t need to be a lonely path. I strongly advise against it. Find people, friends, allies, coaches, mentors, teachers, guides, groups and communities with aligned values, supportive ideals and energising aspirations.

Keep going. Your work is valuable, impactful and sought-after by the people who need it most.

Be unapologetic and unwavering in your pursuit of what matters most to you. Be kind to yourself and others. Go at your own pace and in a way that feels aligned with the person you are and who you wish to become.


A Subtle But Powerful Mindset Shift Towards Achieving Your Dreams

There are fewer things in the world of business more damaging than the term solo-entrepreneur.

When we decide to start a business, one of the most detrimental mindsets to adopt is the belief that we have to figure it out on our own.

This is can lead to a drain on your resources such as time, money and energy sometimes leading to burnout and giving up on your dreams.

Instead, the opposite can be true. When you align yourself with people and communities that support your growth, lower the learning curve and minimise the potential pitfalls you are more likely to reach your goals with less friction and hustle and more ease and enjoyment.

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