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Where New and Aspiring Copywriters Thrive

The ultimate system to build, launch and sell your copywriting services.

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There’s no better time than right now to build your copywriting business. 
And when it’s set up with smart systems that generate leads round the clock you can become virtually unstoppable.

We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty details on how you can achieve this in a bit but first I want to make sure we’re on the same page.


If you're serious about making this happen then it will require work, a willingness to learn new things and a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude to do what it takes, even when something is new and outside of your comfort zone. 


The next thing I want to make sure we're in agreement on is this - there's no such thing as the “perfect” time. This is especially true when it comes to starting your copywriting business. Now, is the perfect time to make it happen. 

Sometimes you just have to take the leap knowing (in your gut) that the net will appear.

Agree? If so, keep scrolling.

Fairy Lights

I don’t know what inspired you to land on this page but whether you’re… 


A new freelance copywriter struggling to get a steady stream of clients in your business. You know you're good at what you do but nobody — or at least not enough people — knows you exist. Hello, World’s Best Kept Secret.


An aspiring freelance copywriter trapped in a job you __________ (fill in the blank) because it pays the bills but deep down you dream of a life where you get to write for a living, wake up when you want and work from wherever you want. No more building someone else’s dream.


A budding entrepreneur with an interest in sales and marketing. But more importantly, you have a passion for writing and a serious desire to build a copywriting business (the smart way).


No matter which one you identify with most you’re in the right place. 

Eager to get your fully-booked copywriting business up and running but not sure what to do or where to start?
You're Not Alone

The hustle was real.


When I first became a copywriter, I had no idea how to run a business. Sure, I loved to write and people said, "I had a way with words" but the truth is I was winging it big time.


I lacked a sense of purpose, vision and confidence. I wanted to write but had no idea how to make money from it. Remember, this was over 10 years ago. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr were mere saplings back then.  And, without an effective marketing and sales system in place to help generate leads and attract (and keep) incredible clients, I was in a horrible place of throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something I tried would stick. 

Eventually, with the help of mentors, programmes and business coaches, I found my way. I shifted my mindset and restructured my copywriting business in a way that became driven by the idea of Less hustle. More heart... And proven systems and strategies in place. And it worked.


Learning to set up my business in this way has helped me: 


◊ Start and grow a profitable copywriting business for 10 years and counting.

◊ Feel passionate about my work and my mission. Despite the ever-changing climate of doom, gloom and uncertainty, I still love what I get to do every day.

◊ Run my business from anywhere in the world. We recently moved into our new home in Portugal.

◊ Enjoy the freedom of creating precious memories - like travelling with the kids or simply chilling on the sofa (guilt-free) whenever I want.

◊ Invest time and energy into a loving relationship with my man Drew (20 years and still going strong).

◊ Make the time to prioritise the things I love - spinning, yoga, reading, cooking and yes — watching my favourite shows (and sometimes mindless trash) when I fancy it.

But let’s be honest, I’m no special snowflake

I’m not superwoman, highly-intelligent or a business wiz-kid. 

I battle imposter syndrome and have doubts about my ability...


...Yes, even after 10 years in the game; repeat business, retainer clients, countless referrals and winning testimonials... I draft a 5-figure proposal and still doubt myself— even though I know I have the writing chops to deliver the goods.

My Secret?

It's the system I use every day to run my copywriting business.


I know exactly what strategies to plug 'n' play (and when to do so) to attract ideal high-paying clients with shared values and business goals I believe in on a consistent basis.  I know my copywriting style is uncopyable and where my ‘copywriting sweet spot’ is.

Even better, I designed a rinse-and-repeatable system that encourages my business to thrive, rewarding me with the creative, financial and location freedom I've always wanted.

Typing on a Laptop

Even the most talented freelancers are struggling to get clients consistently and make ends meet because they’re trapped in the old way of running a copywriting business

In 2022-2023 I spoke to nearly 100 new and aspiring freelance copywriters from all walks of life, different ages, backgrounds and nationalities.  They talked and I listened. And despite their differences, there were shared frustrations and uncertainties between them. 


Many felt trapped in a 9-5 job they hated and others didn't know if copywriting was the path for them.  Some had a little copywriting experience but felt lost and uncertain when it came to pricing their services and getting regular clients. Many of these were new freelance copywriters looking for support and guidance to develop their copywriting skills and grow their business.


And the last group feared what people might say. They worried they'd be judged for being brave and courageous. This was big and was holding them back from pursuing their passion as a copywriter. 

Tea and Electronics

If Like Them, You Have Dreams Of…

◊ Quitting the 9-5 grind to become your own boss where you build your dream life, not someone else's.

◊ Start a copywriting business that can support the life you want.

◊ Take back your time from a boss or system that undervalues your gifts and start a passion-driven and money-making copywriting business where you call the shots.

…You’re In The Right Place

But, just know, being good at writing words is only half the battle. You need to know the ins and outs of setting up a successful and profitable copywriting business to have a sustainable career.

Start Every Week With A Calendar Filled With Calls With Potential Clients… Waiting To Do Business With You

Yes, you can be the hottest copywriter in your space even if you’re brand spanking new.


TCR Logo_edited.png

The one-stop shop for new and aspiring copywriters. A proven system to build, launch and sell your copywriting services on a consistent basis.  

Everything you need to build and grow a copywriting business on your terms.

Become a Copy Rebel

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Let's Pull Back The Curtain




Clarify your core values and the life you want so you can set up your copywriting business in a way that supports that vision.


Identify your polarising power, the clients you want to work with and the unique qualities that set you apart from other copywriters in your space.


Learn the copywriting tools and techniques behind writing words that compel and sell. Here’s where you’ll learn how to write ethically persuasive copy that encourages action and leads to sales.


Write copy and build the copy assets every successful copywriting business needs. Learn the art and science of crafting copy that converts so you can deliver tangible results for yourself and your clients.


Discover how to use modern sales and marketing strategies to attract ideal customers and onboard quality leads (people who appreciate the value you bring to their business and don't barter on price).


Activate the right tools to increase your brand awareness, leverage social media and understand how to interpret the KPIs in your business. Price your services so you hit your income goals and sell with confidence, consistency and integrity.

A Pocket Of Praise

Mubashar (1).png





The Copy Rebel was a brilliant experience.

I met some great new writers and learned from Nat who knows her stuff. 


I have written 4 emails and a social media post for a friend who owns a business. So technically this is my first client!

Exciting times. 


Highly recommend The Copy Rebel to anyone wishing to grow as a copywriter.

A dose of love

The next generation of copywriters needs a mentor like Nat

I just want to say a huge thank you to Nat for being the guiding light that she is. 


The new generation of copywriters need and deserve a mentor that is passionate about helping them hone their craft as a writer so they can realise their dreams and that’s exactly who Nat is.

I had so many questions and they were all answered

I had so many questions before joining the programme and they were all answered throughout the course. Week by week the whole process was falling into place. 


The group calls and 1-2-1 coaching were very beneficial. They give you a chance to talk to others who are on the same path as well as getting private advice from Natalie.

Hand Waving Out of Car

How Does The Copy Rebel Work?


The Copy Rebel supports, serves, educates and guides new and aspiring freelance copywriters every step of the way. And depending on the package you choose (more on that in a sec) here's a taste of what's inside the programme.


◊ 6 Core Modules that provide the stepping stones for building a copywriting business that promotes sustainability and success on your terms. You can work through the modules at your own pace.


◊ A Welcome and Wrap-Up Series of videos to provide an instant shot of encouragement and motivation whenever you need it as you design your one-of-a-kind copywriting business. Crafted to help you stay on your game. 


◊ The Resources Library is a treasure trove of copywriting templates, swipe files, examples, handbooks and guides to help you get your copywriting wheels in motion ridiculously fast - simply use the samples and make them your own. Hassle and stress-free tools. Never again wonder, "What should I write?"

And that’s not all!

When you enrol in The Copy Rebel you’ll unlock training videos, resources, workout sheets and templates.






Plus If You Choose The Coaching Package





Device Mock Up.jpg

Mobile and tablet-friendly

Work at your own pace

A supportive, inclusive and goal-oriented learning experience



This whole journey has been incredible

The course has given me so much in terms of developing my knowledge, understanding, confidence, and clarity. The level of support and information was beyond what I was expecting. For me, this whole journey has been incredible.

If you are sitting on the fence, and wondering if this course is for you...just do it! 

This is so much more than a course, this is a journey about you as a person, stepping outside of your comfort zone, spreading your wings, and learning to fly. 


Nat is with you every step of the way, a beautiful genuine spirit who will guide you, inspire you, and set you on the right path to your dreams. 

A dose of love

The Copy Rebel Curriculum

A build-upon system to help you start, systemise and grow your business with intention, ease and clarity.

Module 1: Freedom

Free yourself from the limiting beliefs and social conditioning that hold you back.

Free yourself from the limiting beliefs of the old way. Shift your way of thinking to a more abundant mindset so you can step into the liberating new way of starting and running your new-age copywriting business with a crystal clear vision.

Discover the game-changing difference between the freelance copywriter and copywriting business owner and choose the right path for you. 

Identify your core values and the life you want so you can build a copywriting business that supports that vision. 

◊ 4 training videos
◊ Big Dream Exercise

◊ The TCR Copywriter's Toolkit
◊ The Must-Have Reading List for Serious Copywriters
◊ Journal Prompts


All the above plus:
◊ The TCR Framework Masterclass

TCR Sale Page Images.png
TCR Sale Page Images (6).png

Module 2: Rebel

No more playing it safe, shrinking yourself or your dreams. It's time to unlock your unique copywriting style. 

Identify your polarising power, the clients you want to work with and the unique qualities that set you apart from every other copywriter in your space. 


Design the copywriting business you want and the kind of copywriter you want to be so you can attract your ideal clients and design bespoke premium copywriting services that transform their businesses.


It's time to play around with your unique copy style signature and brand voice so you feel in complete alignment with the words you write and the people you work with. 

◊ 3 training videos
◊ 4 copy workout sheets


◊ 5 Examples of Exceptional Brand Stories
◊ Summary of Key Branding Terms You Must Know
◊ The Branding Starter Kit for Beginners
◊ Niche Wheel so you choose your niche in the right way


All the above plus:
◊ Brand Story Breakdown Masterclass

Module 3: Copy Craft

Write copy that connects and sells. 

The best copy creates a memorable connection between brands and their customers. Your role as a copywriter is to be the bridge that connects the two - the connective tissue so to speak. 

Learn the copywriting tools and techniques behind writing words that inspire action in your readers. It’s less about writing and more about crafting.


From hooky headlines to engaging body copy, here's where you’ll learn how to write ethically persuasive copy that inspires action and leads to conversions worth tracking... You know, the numbers that *actually* grow your copywriting business.

◊ 3 training videos
◊ Copy crafting workout sheets


4 Proven Copywriting Formulas - A Simple Walkthrough
◊ Hooky Headline Breakdown Guide
◊ The SHINE© Formula for crafting attention-grabbing headlines
◊ 96 Power Words and Phrases to Zhuzh Up Your Copy


All the above plus:
◊ Nat's behind-the-scenes breakdown of a client's project

TCR Sale Page Images (2).png
TCR Sale Page Images (4).png

Module 4: Shine

Where the rubber meets the road. It's time to start writing copy for your one-of-a-kind copywriting business.

Let your inner Copy Rebel out to play. Put pen to paper (or rather, hit the keypad) and start writing words that will showcase your brilliance as a copywriter so your ideal customers know you exist. It's time to shine!

Write copy and create content for your copywriting business such as your website copy, email funnels, blog posts and social media captions using copywriting tools and techniques that command attention, inspire action and lead to conversions that promote growth.

◊ 4 training videos
◊ The Ultimate Website Copy Guide (includes templates for the core website pages)

◊ The Content Creation System that keeps ideas flowing and saves you time

◊ The Posting with Purpose Approach. A social media strategy that saves you time, increases brand awareness and generates leads, turning followers into customers

◊ The TCR Blogging Blueprint - Craft cohesive and compelling blogs that are SEO-rich and engaging
◊ Social Media Pack complete with templates and examples for the most popular platforms on the market

Guide to crafting a winning Sales Page with a 'make-it-yours' template

◊  Mega Sales Page Swipe File with 21 examples from different brands

◊  The TCR Clarity Call Questionnaire so you can qualify leads ahead of time and prepare for the call like a pro
◊ Email Marketing Starter Kit - The Ultimate Email Template Swipe File. Complete with examples and DIY exercises 

◊ The Third-Party Site Directory - A list of the best platforms and agencies to promote your services and how to pitch like a pro


All the above plus:
◊ Social Media Masterclass for Beginners

Sales call 'dummy-run' with Nat and fellow TCR students

Module 5: Thrive

Set yourself up for success. No more struggling (or worrying how) to find clients. Set up a launch system that attracts them like moths to a flame (minus the smouldering heat).

This module will give you the proven system I use in my business to onboard, off-board and serve high-paying clients with a level of professionalism that delivers quality service and guarantees happy customers, repeat business and raving reviews. 

You'll learn how to use modern marketing strategies to attract and nurture meaningful relationships with your ideal customers so they feel inspired and motivated to work with you... and not your competition [wink].

Here's where the strategic copywriter is born; you'll learn the front-end and back-end systems needed to ensure your copywriting business thrives from set-up to scale-up.

◊ 3 training videos
◊ Plug 'n' Play templates for Landing Pages and Thank You Pages

◊ How to set up and build a winning portfolio

◊ The TCR Quarterly Launch Party

◊ Guide to Getting Testimonials Worth Shouting About
◊ Design an Irresistible Offer to Attract Your Ideal Clients


All the above plus:

Behind-the-scenes walk-through of Nat's onboarding funnel

Steal-my-system! See how Nat sets up her portfolio and client projects so you can do the same with ease

TCR Sale Page Images (3).png
TCR Sale Page Images (5).png

Module 6: Impact

Market your copywriting services with confidence. Price and sell with clarity, post content with purpose... and do it all in a way that feels natural to you. 

This module explores how to effectively increase your brand awareness and sell your copywriting services. You'll also learn the different ways to scale your copywriting business (when the time is right) in a way that supports the life you want and the impact you want to make.

Learn the TCR content creation system and social media strategy to get your services in front of your ideal clients.

Learn how to price your copywriting services in the right way so you hit your desired income goals. Forget working for free or for peanuts. By this point you are a specialist copywriter and your copywriting products, services and prices will reflect that. 

This module is all about compassionate marketing; learn how to write words in your one-of-a-kind copywriting business that inspires people to open their hearts and whip out their cards!

◊ 4 training videos

Brand Strategy Campaign Breakdown so you position, promote and sell your services in the right way and to the right people on your social media channels, in your pillar content and marketing emails 

The Strategies to Scale System is an effective way to sustainably grow your copywriting business


◊ The Conversion Rate Breakdown - No more guessing how your copy will perform. Use numbers to drive the decisions in your business
◊ Sales Call Script - Don't like selling? You will with this bad boy under your arm. Know what to say, when to say it and how to present and position your copywriting services
◊ Proposal Template - A customisable (rinse and repeatable) tool for when those copywriting clients start rolling in
◊ Copy of a Client Contract - No need to reinvent the wheel. Swipe mine and make it your own so you can hit the ground running sooner than you think with all the necessary paperwork in place


All the above plus:
◊ The Step-by-Step Guide to Price-Stacking and Problem-Solving Your Copywriting Services. This is rocket fuel for your scaling strategy

◊ The Brand Strategy Masterclass with a client case study example

◊ Nat pull's back the curtain on her launch sequence. An up and close look at the entire process from start to finish  

You owe it to yourself (and your future clients) to write for a living and get paid handsomely for it


Self-Study Package





£2500 GBP

Self-Study Package





£285 GBP

Premium Package with Coaching




£3500 GBP







£625 GBP

Secure Checkout


And all major cards and payment methods accepted.

Rave Reviews


100% of our students would recommend The Copy Rebel

to others.

Self-Paced Study


Pressure-free learning.
Go at your own pace.


Globally Certified Programme


For students on the coaching package. On successful completion of the programme (yes, we can track your progress) you will receive a certificate.

20,000+ Hours of Mastery... 
and counting


Devoted to studying, developing and mastering the art of crafting compelling copy that converts... That you get to scoop up first hand and use to fast track your success.

A Decade in the Industry Writing Words that Sell


Over 10 years serving clients with copy work, from entrepreneurs and start-ups to award-winning brands and multi-million-pound companies. Benefits that Nat passes on to you.

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The Unlikely Girl Behind The Copy Rebel Programme

Nat is a conversion copywriter and brand and launch strategist. She’s been in the copywriting game for 10 years working with start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs to award-winning brands and multi-million-pound companies. 


She knows first-hand how impossible it can feel to start a copywriting business from scratch especially if you’ve never written a lick of copy in your life… Not to mention the pesky issue of how to pick a niche, build a portfolio, get clients and make enough money so you can make churning out words your full-time gig!


I mean, seriously, where’s Tom Cruise? Because becoming a copywriter in today’s noisy world can feel like Mission Impossible.  

Hey, I’m Nat!

A quick word from Nat

When I was a kid I covered up the fact I struggled to read... I guess 13 years in drama class at Sylvia Young Theatre School paid off. The thing is, looking back at where I started, the mere thought I’d ever be in a position to create a globally recognised certified coaching programme absolutely blows my mind. 🤯


The fact I get to spend my time supporting the next generation of copywriters learn and hone their copywriting skills, build their copywriting assets in a step by step way and understand and implement the marketing systems and strategies they need to launch and grow their copywriting business, is pinch-me-now-moment. 


Today, with an English degree scrolled and tucked under my arm, multiple client success stories under my belt and 20,000+ hours spent crafting words for a living in my business, I’m ridiculously excited to share with you the winning principles I’ve picked up over the years... And do it in a way that dramatically lowers the learning curve and shrinks your knowledge-gap from beginner to business owner. 


The Copy Rebel isn’t a magic pill… but it’s pretty darn close.

nat chill_Drew Edited.png

We Asked Clients To Tell Us In 1 Word...


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Party with Sparklers

The Copy Rebel Is An Immersive Experience…

Ever wish you had a copy coach to run your ideas by, submit your work to and get feedback so you know *for sure* your words don’t suck? Here I am. Let’s go!


The Copy Rebel is designed to ignite the action-taker in you so you don’t just learn how to build your copywriting business, you build it.


Beyond the 6 core training modules, you’ll get access to a lively community of fellow copywriters and coaching calls with me inside the TCR hub. And, if you enrol in the coaching package you’ll experience weekly group coaching calls and private 1:1 mentoring calls with me, as well.

...With Lifetime Access!

The Copy Rebel is a transformational programme designed to help you make measurable progress and see tangible results. 


But I know life happens and things vie for our attention and can pull us off course. That’s why you can come back to the content as much as you wish.


When you join The Copy Rebel today, you’ll get the core training modules, bonuses, workout sheets and templates for life. Plus, as a TCR Graduate, you’ll have immediate access to updates, exclusive offers and advanced training with Nat at an exclusive, alumni-only rate.

The Copy Rebel Is A Total Game-Changer.
Here’s Proof





It’s not just words… we’re cultivating an authentic path for ourselves!

Natalie Milligan is a true gift!


I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey as a Copy Rebel because it’s not just words we are writing it is cultivating a path that is in alignment with our very true authentic selves!


Proud to be a Copy Rebel.

A dose of love

The programme provides everything you need

I was unsure about everything, to be honest. What to do and where to start but the programme provides everything you need. 


Natalie listened to our concerns and was so amazingly supportive through every step. She took the time to learn about us all individually and what we wanted to achieve. She genuinely cares. 


 I really enjoyed this experience and would recommend The Copy Rebel to anyone looking to get into copywriting.

She not only teaches you how to write copy… she brings out the best in you

From the moment I had my discovery call, I knew Nat was special. She not only teaches you how to write copy… she brings out the best in you.


Nat, your encouragement, enthusiasm and support are priceless.


I'm proud to say I'm a Copy Rebel.

Woman Writing

Straight Talking Time


You’ve been warned! The Copy Rebel is not for you if you…


 Overthink small decisions and stay stuck rather than rolling up your sleeves diving in and taking messy and inspired action.

 Find British slang annoying and the accent hard to understand. Sorry, not sorry. And if the occasional 4 letter word offends you. Feel free to gasp in horror and please close the door on your way out.

 Are afraid to embrace new ways of doing things, learn new skills and turn your hand to a new strategy... or two.

 Refuse to embrace the fact you are 100% in charge of your energy, time and attention… And thus responsible for the results you create.

 You can only work with people who are the same age, race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, socio-economic background and culture as you.  Please, for the love of all things holy and puppy-dog cute, don’t enrol.

The Copy Rebel is for...

 Passionate writers with an interest in marketing and sales and making a meaningful difference in people's lives.

 New or aspiring copywriters who feel they are constantly hustling to get clients and feel overtired and underpaid.

 You, if you don’t have copywriting experience but are committed to fully embracing the process and giving it all you've got.

 Freelance copywriters who have been grinding hard at their desk, pushing out content till the fingers bleed but are struggling to get a steady stream of quality leads.

 You, if you are a creative and strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit.

 You, if you’re currently working mercilessly in a 9-5 that you hate wishing you could be your own boss and make money with your words then…

You’d Be Very Welcome Inside The Copy Rebel

The Copy Rebel is a sanctuary for independent thinkers and growth-minded human beings who are open to embracing the new and unfamiliar. Give yourself permission to trust the process and lean into the experience fully. If you’re ready to stop talking about being a copywriter and actually want to do the work to make it happen —

The Copy Rebel was custom-made for you.

Let’s Sum It Up —


A proven and flexible build-upon system that shows how to start, run and grow your copywriting business in a sustainable way.

25 Advanced Bonus Trainings

These guides, templates, masterclasses, exercises and plug ‘n’ play resources will solve your most common pain points around copywriting; from skill, execution and lead generation strategies to building momentum and achieving long-term success.

Private 1:1 and Group Coaching Calls (Coaching Package)

Private 90-minute strategy calls with Nat typically range between £300 - £500 but when you join The Copy Rebel you’ll get exclusive access to live sessions with Nat (including direct email access) where she’ll answer your questions and support you as you build a copywriting business that aligns with the life you want.

The Core Copy Rebel System







Total Value £14,500
Total Investment
Only  £2500
(or £3500 Premium Package with Coaching)

Self-Study Package





£2500 GBP

Self-Study Package





£285 GBP

Premium Package with Coaching









Secure Checkout


And all major cards and payment methods accepted.

Rave Reviews


100% of our students would recommend The Copy Rebel
to others.

Self-Paced Study


Pressure-free learning. Go at your own pace.

TCPDS CERTIFIED -  transparent_edited_ed

Globally Certified Programme


For students on the coaching package. On successful completion of the programme (yes, we can track your progress) you will receive a certificate.

20,000+ Hours of Mastery... 
and counting


Devoted to studying, developing and mastering the art of crafting compelling copy that converts... That you get to scoop up first hand and use to fast track your success.

A Decade in the Industry Writing Words that Sell


Over 10 years serving clients with copy work, from entrepreneurs and start-ups to award-winning brands and multi-million-pound companies. Benefits that Nat passes on to you.

Get Ready To…

Position yourself as an authority and become the go-to copywriter in your space (even if you’re brand new).

Install a fail-proof system that attracts and onboards dream clients with big hearts (and budgets to match).

Create copywriting assets for your business that demonstrate your professionalism, USP and creative flare.

Still Curious?


1. I’m not a writer and have no experience. Will the programme work for me?

Yes, the course has been created for new and aspiring copywriters. Copywriting is like any other skill - riding a bike, learning to drive, roasting the perfect golden and succulent turkey on Christmas Day - the more you do it the better you get AND you can absolutely learn copywriting without any experience. 

You need to be committed to learning new things and have an interest in marketing and sales because that's part and parcel of being a creative, strategic and conversion copywriter. It goes without saying, you need a passion for writing but it also helps if you like to read because the best writers are readers.


2. How long will it take before I book my first client?

Mmm… the words, 'long', 'piece' and 'string' come to mind here [wink]. It’s impossible to give you a definitive answer because so many other factors come into play - skills, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savviness, network, communication, engagement and financial situation, to name a few. 

The Copy Rebel provides students with the business and copywriting tools, knowledge, industry insights and experience needed so they feel confident positioning themselves as an authority, selling, pitching, onboarding and serving their ideal clients. 

Following a proven plan and remaining consistent in your efforts should yield positive results.

3. I'm not sure if now's the right time for me to do this.

I truly believe there’s no better time than now to make this happen. Let’s face it, we put things off and make excuses but that little voice inside keeps telling us we were born to do something else; to be bold, daring and take a chance. 

The people I work best with are coachable, committed, passionate, resourceful, action-orientated, enthusiastic and fun-loving. And ultimately, they are super-excited about starting their copywriting business and don't believe putting off till tomorrow what can *absolutely*  be done today.

4. I’m already a freelance copywriter. How will The Copy Rebel make me better?

Well, if you've been working as a copywriter for a while and not seeing the results you want then maybe its time to switch things up. If you want to earn more money, have a consistent stream of clients, write posts that generate the sound of calls, not crickets then The Copy Rebel can show you how.


5. There are so many copywriting courses out there. What makes The Copy Rebel different?

The Copy Rebel is the only high-level globally certified independent and group coaching programme of its kind for new and aspiring copywriters. It shows you how to successfully set up, launch and sell your copywriting services.

It’s also a multi-level programme offering coaching students a healthy mix of independent study, 1:1 private coaching, mentoring, group coaching, feedback on copy work and bonus masterclasses to deepen your level of understanding of copywriting and fast track your journey towards reaching your goals. 

6. I have a full-time job, family, kids, and other commitments and might miss some of the calls…. Can I still do the programme? 

Of course. And I TOTALLY get it. And firstly I love the fact you’re not letting your full plate of responsibilities stand in the way of you pursuing your copywriting dreams. The Copy Rebel has been created to take busy schedules into account. Heck, I'm a homeschooling mum of two, wife and business owner so I get it.

You can work through the modules at your own pace. All group coaching calls are recorded and saved in the members-only area for life. And when it comes to booking your 1:1 private coaching calls, you can book a time that works best for you.  

This is another reason why the premium coaching package is by application-only. It’s a chance for us to really see if The Copy Rebel is the right fit and make sure it's entering your life at the right time.

7. Can I make 6-figures as a copywriter?

Yes. There’s no glass ceiling to how much you can earn when you become a freelance copywriter if you do it in the right way. The Copy Rebel will show you how to build, launch and sell your copywriting services. You will have the sales and marketing strategies at your fingertips and be shown the best ways to use them to see results. 

It goes without saying, there’s no such thing as an overnight success in this industry or any other. Hard work, commitment to the craft, the building of resilience and continual practice and growth will play a big factor in how you grow and develop as a copywriter.


8. I’m terrible at English, can’t spell to save my life and don’t get me started on my grandma, I mean my grammar. Can I still be a copywriter?

Join the club. Me too. In fact, I couldn’t read properly till I was 11 - no joke! In fact, I know some copywriters who are dyslexic and are crushing it. Because here’s the thing, great copywriting is more about storytelling than it is about being exemplary in spelling and grammar. 


Of course, it's important you are sufficient in these skills but thankfully there are excellent tools on the market (that you'll learn about in The Copy Rebel) to help catch any typos and grammatical faux pas before your copy gets out into the world. That being said, The Copy Rebel isn’t a course in how to write “properly”. I’m a copywriter, not an English school teacher! 


9. I want to be a copywriter part-time and have a little more money on the side. Is The Copy Rebel the right programme for a side hustler, like me? 

I’m a fan of having multiple income streams and you can totally become a part-time copywriter. There are programmes on the market that will teach you the copywriting basics to help you kickstart a part-time gig.

But, if this is the path you want to take then The Copy Rebel might be too comprehensive for you. It’s best suited for new and aspiring freelance copywriters looking to do it full-time. The Copy Rebel is an immersive experience and is (quite frankly) a lot of work if you just want to make a few extra bucks on the side. That being said, if you've got the right attitude, you'd be very welcome inside the programme.

10. I don’t think I can afford to pay for it in one go. Do you have a payment plan?

We sure do. You can pay in full or choose the 10-month payment plan on the Self-Study Package or the 6-month payment plan on the Premium Coaching Package.