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Writer’s Block And How To Overcome It

When writer's block gatecrashes your creative flow, do this

In This Video

Shivanshi Bhatia, a fellow copywriter, invited me on an IGLive to talk about writer’s block. We discussed the tools and strategies we use to overcome it.

It was a fun conversation packed with useful tips and key takeaways. I share ideas you can start using today if you struggle with writer’s block.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 11.15 - How to grab ideas and create a content bank

  • 12.17 - A trick to writing conversational copy

  • 19.38 - Start where you feel most inspired. You don’t have to start at the beginning!

  • 21.50 - 3 steps to help overcome perfectionism and write copy FAST

  • 28.30 - Your message is bigger than you

  • 30.10 - Mine your content for new ideas

  • 34.00 - Have a Spider’s web mentality and never run out of ideas again

  • 36.27 - Reframing the idea of writer’s block

What Is Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block is when you can’t write words on the page. It affects everyone in different ways.

Some people say they have no ideas at all. Others describe it as a slowing down in their creative output.

Famous writers such as Toni Morrison, Stephen King, JK Rowling, Harper Lee and Virginia Woolfe have shared personal experiences with writer's block... so you’re in esteemed company if writing words in your business proves difficult at times.

Either way, when writer’s block strikes it can make you doubt yourself. But the truth is, writer’s block has nothing to do with your skills or ability.

You are still are great writer… that is if you were great in the first place [wink].

Is Writer’s Block Real?

There is some debate on whether writer’s block is real or not. Some writers believe it’s used as a reason to procrastinate and be lazy. Others disagree.

Whether it’s real or not, it's upsetting when you can't write words in your business.

Creating valuable content is an important part of running an online business.

It helps to:

  • improve your SEO,

  • increase your brand awareness

  • connect with your dream customers

WATCH THIS VIDEO. It explains the SEO benefit of creating quality content.

How Writer’s Block Affects Entrepreneurs

Writer’s block doesn’t only affect writers. It can affect content creators, artists, musicians and the list goes on. Writer’s block can affect entrepreneurs in different ways.

You might struggle to come up with an idea for your next blog post, video or podcast episode. You might run out of ideas to post on social media or what to share with your email list.

These are different examples of writer’s block. In today's video, you’ll learn how to overcome these challenges.

Common Causes Of Writer’s Block For Entrepreneurs

Here are some common causes of writer’s block for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Perfectionism

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Self-criticism

  • Internal and external pressure

  • Lack of focus or switching from one task to the next

  • Too many (or too few) ideas

How Long Does It Last

There’s no real answer for this. It can last an hour, a year or longer. Every case is unique and of course, the longer it lasts the more frustrating it can be.

How To Overcome Writer’s Block

You’ve got to find a method or system that works best for you but some people find reading to be an effective solution.

Reading can spark new ideas and offer fresh perspectives. It can get your creative juices flowing.

If you are a perfectionist and have a tendency to put pressure on yourself then let yourself off the hook. The key is to write. Don’t worry about making it “perfect”, witty, entertaining or anything else for that matter.

Start with getting the facts down. Write the things you KNOW need to include. It might be boring and lack personality at first but you can add your charm and unique style later.

Once you start writing, more ideas are likely to flow.

PLUS ~ It’s OK to walk away, take a break, move your body, change your state or do something completely different. Sometimes a change in environment can have a positive impact.


When it comes to writer’s block mindset plays a big role. Pay attention to the words you use to describe the situation when writer’s block shows up.

Are you kind to yourself or not? Do you use positive language or not? Are you patient or not?

The thoughts you carry in your mind (or say out loud) are powerful. Keep them clean. You can’t create a masterpiece on a dirty canvas.

Tell Your Ego To Step Aside

Writer’s block is your ego gatecrashing your creative flow. Your brain wants to protect you and keep you safe. In its attempts to do this it keeps you stuck so you won’t get hurt.

When you decide to write content in your business and share it with the world... your ego steps in with all the reasons why you should stop.

Things like:

Who am I to write this?

Why should anyone care what I have to say?

So many people have already said this, why bother?

I’m not good at writing

I’m not experienced or educated enough

I’m not old enough or young enough

These voices aren't you! They are your ego. It’s up to you to acknowledge it and kindly tell your ego to step aside.


To wrap this up, I’d say:

  • It doesn’t matter if writer’s block is real or not - if your experience it then it’s real

  • You’re not alone - many creative people experience a “slowing down” in their output

  • Your thoughts are powerful. Keep your mind positive

  • Be patient and kind to yourself

  • Take breaks

  • Put tools in place so you can stay productive even when creativity drys up

Alright, and now, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever experienced writer’s block and how did you overcome it? Tell me in the comments below

Till next time ~

Nat x


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