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Write the Perfect Pitch

5 things your email pitch must-do if you want to stand out and book your ideal clients

If you’re ready to book your first copywriting client but not sure how to write your email pitch so it stands out in your ideal client's inbox then this post is for you. There are 5 things your pitch must do. Get these things right and you’ll be well on your way to crafting a standout and unforgettable pitch.

The 5 things your perfect pitch must do:

  1. Have a catchy click-worthy subject line

  2. Be personal

  3. Include stats, facts and data

  4. Present the perfect pitch

  5. Weave in the humble brag

If you’re a new and aspiring copywriter struggling to write an email pitch that leads to the sale of your copywriting services then this post can help. Let’s explore the 5 things your pitch must do.

1. Have a catchy click-worthy subject line

Your email subject line is the first thing the person sees. It’s important it stands out in the sea of emails flooding their inbox all day long. It shouldn’t be clever, cute or gimmicky. Rather it should clearly say why you’ve reached out.

But in a nutshell, you’ll want to make your email subject line enticing, click-worthy and relevant to them. A catchy click-worthy subject line is the first hurdle to overcome when you’re writing your email pitch. Get this right and you would’ve succeeded in getting the reader’s attention and piquing their curiosity. That’s how you stand out in their inbox.

2. Be personal

Of course, you’ll want to present your copywriting services, knowledge and insights in a desirable way but the key to crafting the perfect email pitch lies in finding the acute angle. One that shines a light on your ideal client more than you.

Your potential client is most likely wondering what’s in it for them. So don’t keep them in the dark. Tell them why working with you will be a smart and game-changing decision. When you do this, it feels like a more attractive offer.

Show you’ve done the research and understand their brand story, their target audience and the problems they are facing. Do this clearly and concisely. Your email pitch shouldn’t be a long and drawn-out essay on how awesome you are. Now’s not the time for that! Instead, craft a measured email that exemplifies your ability to be compelling and concise at the same time. Your email pitch should reflect this [wink]. When you make your email pitch personal to the reader, they are more likely to be interested in what you have to say and the offer being presented.

3. Include stats, facts and data when you write the perfect pitch (prove you know your stuff)

It’s important you express an understanding of their business. Show you are aware of their USP, their values and their wider mission. If they have a podcast, blog or YouTube channel make sure you dive into their content. Draw on relevant examples to support your position and your reason for reaching out to them in the first place.

If it’s relevant throw in some impressive stats or facts about their business, industry, sector or niche. By including stats and data in your pitch you show an ability to anchor your thoughts and opinions with the aid of numbers to back you up. When you include relevant stats, facts and data in your email pitch you position yourself as an authority.

4. Present the perfect pitch

It’s time to present the perfect pitch. Everything you’ve done up to this point has laid a solid foundation to present your copywriting offer. Make your copywriting services sound irresistible. If the opportunity presents itself then consider using elements of urgency and scarcity. This might not always be the right approach so listen to your gut and trust your instincts when it comes to that strategy.

Be sure to highlight the value your copywriting services will bring to their business. Clearly express your desire to collaborate. Be bold and creative in the way you highlight the benefits of hiring you to transform their copy. Be aware of your tone and tempo, paying attention to the rhythm and cadence of your copy; you want to sound confident, measured and optimistic about the outcome of a potential collaboration. Presenting the perfect pitch at this stage could be the difference between holding their attention and booking your ideal client or losing them to other distractions or better offers.

5. Weave in the humble brag

As you prepare to wrap up your pitch, consider adding a little personality if you haven’t already. The wrap-up portion of your pitch is just as important as the email subject line. You’ll want to finish strong and leave a positive and unforgettable lasting impression. The last thing you want them to do is to close your email without taking (positive) action.

Decide what the CTA will be. What action do you want them to take when they reach the end of the pitch? Keep it simple and easy to do. The fewer friction points in the book a call or hit reply funnel, the better.

Let them know how brilliant you are at writing copy - albeit with a healthy dose of humility, of course. By weaving in the humble brag towards the end of your email pitch, you’re more likely to generate a smile and as a result, hopefully encourage them to take action.

And there you have it, 5 things your email pitch must do if you want it to stand out in your ideal client’s inbox and inspire them to work with you. I know it’s hard when you’re at the beginning of your copywriting journey to get seen and heard by your ideal clients and writing the perfect pitch is only one of many things you need to master.

If you’re a freelance copywriter, struggling to book consistent clients and you’d like to set up your business in a way that provides more freedom and peace of mind then get in touch.

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