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Write Sales Copy That Converts

Know the 4 types of buyers and write words in your business that motivate ALL OF THEM to buy your products, use your services and book calls

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What this post is about

In today’s post, we’re looking at how to write highly-converting sales copy no matter your industry, sector or niche… whether you’re a copywriter or not.

Sound good?

The secret to writing words in your business that engage, inspire and sell lies in understanding the 4 different types of buyers - many of whom are *possibly* eyeballing you and your content right now but not buying (yet).

Fear not, this post will help you move these folks from a place of passive browsers to motivated buyers.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to skyrocket your conversions

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • The 4 different types of buyers; their buying habits and motivations (and yes, ALL of them are scoping you out online; landing on your website and scrolling through your socials so your words need to resonate with them 😉)

  • The EXACT copywriting tools to use in your sales copy to inspire each buyer to… well, buy (or book a call, fill in a form, subscribe to your newsletter, follow you online… you get the drift. These copywriting tools work every time)

  • How to tap into the right emotional triggers to ethically compel your readers to stay hooked to every word so they’re more likely to take action before they bail.

And make no mistake, these copywriting strategies will work for you because these buyers are universal.

If you’re struggling to get people to sign up for your email list, book at call or buy from you then this post is for you.

No more writing one-dimensional copy, that misses the mark and fails to connect with your audience. Your buyers deserve better than that.

It’s time to write sales copy that leads to higher conversions and drives more quality leads your way. Can you say, ka-ching? 😉

Places in your business to use high-converting sales copy

In today’s post, we’ll look at how to execute the messaging in your sales copy that inspires and motivates your customers to take action… ideally leading to the sound of money landing in your bank account. Here are some of the best places to feature persuasive writing techniques and captivating (and strategically sound) sales copy in your business:

  • Sales pages

  • Landing pages

  • Social media captions

  • Email launch funnel sequences

  • Long-form ad copy

By the end of the post, you’ll be able to write winning words and craft captivating sales copy that speaks directly to your ideal customers - not just because it’s customer-centred, time-sensitive and super-relevant - but because it speaks to who they are as buyers.

We sell how we buy… and often miss the mark with our ideal customers

I first heard the idea that we write sales copy in a way that mirrors how we like to buy, at an online marketing summit and it stuck with me. As copywriters, marketers and business owners, it’s important we realise that it’s human nature to instinctively write in this way.

Typically, the words we write and the way we structure our sales copy will naturally fall in alignment with the way we like to be sold. And this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s good because it shows you’re *likely* to be writing natural-sounding copy in a conversational way.

But it can also mean we miss the mark with some of the customers.

These are the people who like to buy your products and services in different ways. And that’s why it’s so important that every set of eyeballs that land on your sales pages, Opt-ins or Sign-up pages during (and out of) launch seasons, feel seen, heard and understood when they read your copy.

The 4 Types of Buyers Your Sales Copy Needs to Speak to

People in need of your products and services will most likely wish to shop and buy in different ways. And this means they also like to be sold to and persuaded in different ways. That means your sales copy must use the right copywriting tools, hooks and techniques to meet your buyers where they are and satisfy their buying needs to convince them that your offers are worth investing in.

After 10 years of writing sales copy in my business and for clients across different industries, sectors and niches, I’m convinced there are 4 different types of buyers. And it’s imperative, your copy resonates with all of them. And for that to happen, you need to employ the right copywriting tools to strike the right chord with your readers and ultimately inspire them to take action.

An infographic showing the 4 different buyers business need to sell to
The 4 types of buyers your copy needs to resonate with.

The Dreamer

These buyers welcome the invitation to imagine their lives after they use your products and services. They are creative and visionary thinkers with the capacity to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They appreciate the chance to step into a world where their existing challenges are a distant memory.

The dreamer isn’t delusional so make no mistakes, you can’t pull the wool over their eyes. They’ll see if you oversell the “dream scenario” or over-egg the happily-ever-after storyline. So be careful and incredibly ethical in your choice of persuasive tactics.

Woman sitting in the woods against a tree, daydreaming  with a magazine
The dreamer; creative and visionary thinkers with the capacity to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The copywriting tools to use in your sales copy to creatively but ethically inspire ‘the dreamer’ to buy from you…

  • Future pacing - invite your readers to dream with you. Write words that paint a technicolour full HD picture of their bright and beautiful future. The end goal needs to showcase the scenario of their dreams after using your products or services.

Pro Tip! Invite these buyers to dream but keep it realistic. Only say what is *actually* possible and do it in a creative and imaginative way.

  • Winning testimonials - celebrate and highlight the success stories in your copy. You want to use rave-worthy results that are on par with the dream scenario you painted in the future pacing section.

  • Benefit stack - highlight the benefits they can enjoy when you work together. Identify the winning outcomes and in-the-moment rewards they can expect to enjoy after buying your products or working with you.

The Lawyer

It doesn’t matter if your ideal customer is more like Matthew McConaughey in A Time To Kill or Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, these buyers are looking for the hard facts to back up your claims.

Sure, they’ll read your copy (or rather comb through your words with a fine-tooth comb) but the parts that will resonate with these buyers most are the numbers, facts, stats and data.

They want proof that your copywriting services cut the mustard (if you're a copywriter). The same is true if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner as it relates to your products and services. Proof is their love language. They appreciate knowing the nitty-gritty details that back up and support your claims.

The more compelling your evidence is the more likely you are to ethically persuade ‘the lawyer’ to get off the fence - if that’s where they’re perched - and dive into signing up to work with you or buy from you.

An image showing different numbers to represent the idea of being logical
The lawyer; Proof is their love language. They appreciate knowing the nitty-gritty details that back up and support your claims.

The copywriting tools you need to present a persuasive case that convinces ‘the lawyer’ to buy include…

  • Presenting a solid case - share numbers, statistics, percentages and industry insights. The Lawyer needs to be convinced that you know your stuff!

  • Submission of compelling testimonials - make them super-specific in terms of identifying the problem the client had, the copywriting solution you delivered and the strategy or steps you took along the way (if you’re a copywriter). And do the same for your products and services if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner.

  • Featuring social proof - gather and collate testimonials. Include any favourable endorsements of your work, the clients you’ve worked with, the success stories your products or services have delivered, the appearances you’ve made in your industry and any collaborations you’ve been part of.

The Wheeler-dealer

This type of buyer loves a bargain. They enjoy a deal. They love to feel like they got more for their money. But let’s be clear we’re not talking about a character like Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses.

This wheeler-dealer in this context appreciates quality and values expertise… As much as they appreciate bagging a bargain. There are copywriting tools and techniques you need to include in your sales copy and launch funnel content to appeal to this type of buyer.

A woman lying on a sofa, looking at the laptop with her credit card in her hand
The wheeler-dealer; loves a bargain but appreciates quality and expertise.

The copywriting tools needed when speaking to the wheeler-dealer in your sales copy…

  • Bonuses - pile on the bonuses for these types of buyers. They appreciate the idea of getting more for their money. So, if you have a resource or training series that you can throw in as an extra “FOR FREE” but with a value price of “X” amount, you’ll increase your chances of converting these buyers from copy cruisers to service buyers. 😉

  • Cost vs Value - highlight the value of your copywriting service (if you’re a copywriter) and your products and services (if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner). Do this by ethically positioning your offer as 10X more than the price tag. This strategy will appeal to the buying habits of the wheeler-dealer.

  • Price anchoring - this is where you break down your offer in a way that your ideal customer can understand so they can easily justify their buying decision. E.g. Total investment will be £500, which works out at £16 per day for the next month, which is less than your weekly trip to [somewhere your ideal customer will relate to] or lunch at [somewhere your target audience knows (and possibly dines at)].

The Glory Seeker

This buyer loves attention and the spotlight. They love to feel special and buy products and services that provide a winning outcome; one they can share with their friends and family and celebrate publicly.

It’s easy to assume these buyers are superficial show-offs but that’s not true. What lies beneath the surface is much deeper.

As copywriters, effective marketers and savvy communicators, we want the words we write in our sales copy to lean into themes of self-love, belonging, deservedness and validation. These buyers want to be successful - and be perceived by others in that way… and you can be sure they feel the same way when it comes to their business.

So, when it comes to writing highly-converting sales copy, you want to acknowledge these bigger underlining themes and consider how they might play out in the glory seekers buying habits.

An image of a golden spotlight shining down
The glory seeker; loves attention and the spotlight. Our sales copy needs to lean into themes of self-love, belonging, deservedness and validation.

The copywriting tools to include in your sales copy for the glory seeker include…

  • Compassionate copy - use words on your sales page that show you understand and can relate to your ideal customers. Have empathy and write words that show you care.

  • Social proof and testimonials - show that your copywriting services deliver the results this buyer is looking for. The same rule applies if you’re an entrepreneur and business owner; you’ll want to feature social proof and winning testimonials to help persuade the glory seeker to invest in you and your business. Use stats and data, too; these will resonate with these types of buyers.

  • Future pacing - paint a picture - a glorious and successful picture - of what life will be like after working with you. Keep it realistic but shine a light on the trophy moment they can look forward to if they decide to buy.

A balanced piece of sales copy that leads to higher conversions

When you write sales copy that speaks to 4 different buyers you show an understanding, not just of your target audience - but of their buying habits. When you do this, people feel connected to your copy and as a result, are more likely - if the offer is the ideal solution to their pain point or fulfils a desire - to take action; buy, sign-up, subscribe or book a call.

As copywriters, entrepreneurs and business owners, your role is to bridge the gap between you and your ideal customers. You need to ethically persuade them, using the copywriting tools outlined above, that your offer is the ideal solution to their problems. It doesn’t matter what industry, sector or niche you occupy, chances are you’ll find these 4 buyers in your community.

Writing words that resonate with all of them; the dreamer, lawyer, wheeler-dealer and glory-seeker, takes time and skill but the more you practice when you’re not in launch mode, the more comfortable you’ll be when it’s time to sell.

An infographic showing the 4 different types of buyers
The goal: create a balanced piece of sales copy that speaks to all 4 buyers

Not in launch mode? Other places to write buying-sensitive and highly-converting copy in your business

Truth is, you won’t be launching a new product or service all year round. Chances are you’ll go through live launches a handful of times a year (unless you run an evergreen sales model). This means there’ll be many months of the year where you’ll be in service mode (working with clients) and in content creation mode (developing products to grow your business).

But despite not being in launch mode, you’ll still want to be actively writing customer-centred copy in your business so your ideal customers feel a connection with the words they read, whether they land on your website, follow you on social media, read your blog posts or sign up to your emails.

Here are some of the areas in your business where you can practice writing sales copy that speaks to all 4 types of buyers:

  • Blog posts - the long-form nature of this medium and its similarity to sales pages and longer-style landing pages, blog posts are a great way to “sell” your idea, theory, a fresh perspective or polarising position in a way that speaks to all 4 buyers.

  • Podcasts and videos - are a great way to - in a casual and conversational way - demonstrate your awareness of the different types of listeners and viewers your content attracts.

  • Work with me and services pages - are sales pages in their own right. You need to convince your readers and visitors you know what you’re talking about and compel them to buy with the help of reader-friendly page design, fact-checked and evidence-backed proof (in the form of testimonials, social proof and desirable results) and buyer-sensitive and customer-centred copy that speaks directly to the 4 buyers.

  • Social media posts - are a great place to show you’re a savvy marketer and can communicate your messaging in a clear and compelling way that resonates with all 4 buyers and uses the different copywriting hacks shared above. Chances are, all 4 buyers can be found in your social media community in the form of subscribers, followers, friends and connections.

  • Newsletters and nurturing emails - can be your creative playground especially if you’re a copywriter with a skill for crafting compelling and engaging emails. But whether you’re a copywriter or not, you’ll want to seize the opportunity to connect with your audience in a way that stirs a desire in them to take action when they see your name appear in their inbox. Writing words that include the right copywriting tools (at the right time) is key so all 4 buyers feel a meaningful (and action-orientated) connection with you.

What buyer are you?

The first step in writing buyer-sensitive sales copy is to understand what type of buyer you are. This is because, as we touched on at the beginning of the post, it’s easy to have blind spots when it comes to crafting high-converting sales copy because most of us write persuasive copy in a way that feels most comfortable to us.

So, now I’d love to hear from you… Which one of the four buyers do you resonate with most? Also, tell me if there are any other types of buyers I might’ve missed. Share them with me in the comments below.

Till next time ~


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