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Queen Elizabeth II: The Graceful and Unapologetic Leader

5 Ways entrepreneurs can be authentic, aspirational and lead others to be the best versions of themselves

I’m reflecting on some of the leadership qualities I admired in The Queen and how as business owners, entrepreneurs and copywriters we can use them to:

  • Improve the quality of our relationships (in life and work)

  • Understand our customers on a deeper level (so we can create products and services that *really* make a difference in people’s lives)

  • Be brave, bold and unapologetic (in a world where people expect you to blend in and conform)

  • Move at your own pace (and still feel a sense of meaning and fulfilment. No more caving to the competition)

  • Have fun on the journey to creating a meaningful and successful business (one that leaves a legacy you can be proud of)

If you’re into it WATCH THE VIDEO.

1. A good chatter

From everything I saw and from personal accounts from people who met her and spent time with her, she seemed to have a genuine interest in other people.

I noticed, albeit from afar, how she’d ask questions and be fully present and engaged. She appeared to be an exceptional conversationalist.

As leaders, entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners, we need to engage with our customers as well.

Get to know them, ask questions and be present and respond with compassion.

Stay curious and open-minded. No matter how much knowledge you’ve attained over the years, there’s always room to learn and discover more.

And to all my aspiring copywriters the same is true for you. It’s so important that you have a genuine interest in other people. That’s how you write compassionate customer-centred copy.

2. Move Slow

This might sound strange but did you ever see The Queen in a frenzy or rushing around? She was always very measured, not only in how she spoke but also in how she moved. There was never any urgency in how she conducted herself. And I admire that.

I know this goes against the hustle-culture mentality that the modern world hurls upon us but The Queen’s tendency to move slower through life and take her time is a reminder to me to do the same.

Whether you’re on a call with a client or reading a bedtime story to your child… don’t rush the process. Take your time and savour the moment.

3. In Control

This leads on nicely from the previous point. The Queen embodied the very essence of the British phrase “Keep Calm and Carry on.” Sometimes, it looked as though she lacked emotion but I don’t that was true.

I believe, now I’m older and at the helm of a growing business, that it takes skill and is a sign of a true leader to remain calm when those around you might be losing their heads.

Stay in the eye of the storm - the calmest part of the chaos - and with a clear head make concise and arguably smarter decisions.

4. Unapologetic

I love this quality in so many people I admire… Oprah, Serena and Lady Gaga to name a few. They stand proud with their heads held high. They own their truth, flaws and all, take up space and make no apologies for it. And The Queen appeared to be the same.

An example of this was after the tragic death of Princess Diana. The Queen’s decision to stay in Balmoral longer than the British public would’ve liked created so much criticism from the press.

But today, and as a mother myself, I respect The Queen’s decision to be a Mother and Grandmother first.

She didn’t owe us an apology for being with her family at a time of terrible shock and grief. And I respect her for that. I don’t believe she ever said sorry. Good on you, Ma'am

As a business owner, you will have to make some tough decisions and stand by them even when those around you disagree. You don’t need to be a tit about it but you should stand up for what you believe, stay the course and own your decisions.

5. Have Fun

I think she had fun. Of course not all day, every day for 70 years on the throne but there were times, captured on film where you could see she was having fun.

She had a twinkle in her eye, a cheeky smile and would radiate, what appeared to be, true joy in those moments.

And I think that’s the whole point…

Do the best you can (to yourself, others and the planet) and have as much fun as possible along the way.

And maybe that’s the purpose of this thing called life…To discover the things, people, places and experiences that create a sense of joy, love, meaning and connection.

And there you have it, 5 lessons from Queen Elizabeth II I’ll cherish for a long time.

Share your fondest memories of the Queen in the comments.

Till next time x

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