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5 Ways To Increase Brand Awareness and Grow Your Business Online


Wanna grow your business online but don’t know how to stand out in a saturated market?

Fear not.

When it comes to increasing brand awareness, there are 5 ways to ensure your brand is:

remembered, recognised and revered.

In fact, those are the 3 things that will establish you as an authority in your field. Let’s look at them 1 by 1:

No. 1 Remembered.

This is when your readers, followers and subscribers think of you when they go on social media or jump into their inbox.

They remember what you share, the way your share it and how your content makes them feel.

So, be sure to create content that makes your brand unforgettable.

No. 2 Recognised.

This is when your posts are noticeable in your customer’s feed.

Your colours, fonts and slogans are familiar and are easy to recognise.

It’s more than your logo and URL. It’s your messaging, your values and your principles.

And -

No. 3 Revered.

This is when other people see you as an expert, an authority and someone who knows their craft.

By this stage ~

you're respected and admired for your contribution. You have acquired social proof and have the goods to back it up!

So, now you might be wondering ~

OK, Nat, that’s great, but... as a small creative business or a personal brand ~

how do I become remembered, recognised and revered?

Good question!

So, stay tuned. Because I’m sharing 5 Ways You Can Increase Brand Awareness To Grow Your Business

The Difference Between Brand, Branding and Brand Identity

When it comes to building a brand, it’s easy to get tripped up…

People sometimes use the terms:



Brand identity

interchangeably but they’re not the same thing.

So, here’s a quick breakdown - one for your notes… pens at the ready!


This is how people perceive your business.

It’s the assumptions people make about:

Who you are

What you do

Who your help and

How much value they believe your products and services have.

This, in turn, determines how much they are willing to pay you based on their perception.


These are the actions you take to help shape the perception of your brand.

These include:

Your social media posts

The website you create and

How you engage with your customers.

If you work with influencers or affiliates then that fall under the category of branding.

And finally,

Brand Identity

These are the:

Visual and audible components that hit the senses and attract your ideal customers.

These include:

Your logo, colour palette, fonts, the music you play at the beginning of your podcast or video shows.

If you have a brick and mortar business then these include:

The smells in your reception area

The art hung on the walls

The canapés you serve as your customers walk into your restaurant.

They are all brand identity pieces.


OK - so now let’s dive into the 5 Ways To Increase Brand Awareness.

No. 1: Collaboration

Consider these questions:

Who can you team up with in your industry, sector or niche?

Who has a similar customer demographic as you?

Who shares your values and mindset?

Can you get on their YouTube channel or Podcast?

Can you interview them or vice versa?

Think of people and creative ways to collaborate so you ~

Get your name, face and message out into the world but... more specifically in front of people who are most likely to buy from you.

Collaboration helps to build up credibility and brand awareness.

No. 2: Leverage Social Media

OK ~ If you’re watching this video then you understand the importance of social media but... you may not know the best ways to use it to increase brand awareness.

I’ll leave social media strategies, hacks and Must-know tips to the experts but I will say this ~

When it comes to building brand awareness you’ll want to make sure that everything you post has a purpose.

Before you post, ask yourself ~

Why am I sharing this?

Is it speaking to my dream customer?

Will it educate, inform, entertain or inspire them in any way?

What action do I want them to take?

And when it comes to achieving that second R that we mentioned earlier - Becoming Recognised -

Make sure every post has:

  • Your URL

  • Your logo

  • Your name or business name

  • Images of you if you’re a personal brand

  • Uses Your brand colours

  • Touches on your company values, mission or message

OK ~

No. 3: Visual Aspects

We are visual creatures.

According to the folks over at Buffalo Soldier Digital dot com

Videos not only grab peoples attention but they engage with customers 5 times more than text.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Viewers keep 95% more of the message from the video compared to only 10% through text.

So, if you haven’t been using video to share your brand story, message and values then Get To It!

Videos allow you to showcase your products, services, style, personality, quirkiness, unique approach and strategies in a richer way.

I talk more about this in this video

Videos can build a closer and more immediate connection with your viewer.

But, if I can’t convince you to get on camera then ~

You’ll be glad to know that other visual aspects, such as infographics and images are effective as well.

Where possible:

Turn your blog post, video or podcast into an infographic or carousel post. Because they are more effective than regular posts.

According to Hootsuite dot com

They found that their own carousel posts on Instagram get nearly 1.5 times more reach and over 3 times more engagement than regular posts.

If you and your audience are into Gifs and Memes then they can be used as well to connect with your audience in a fun and relatable way.

Alright moving on to

No. 4: Create Shareable Content

OK ~ creating quality content is important.

BUT creating quality SHAREABLE content is even more important!

So how’d to you do it?

You can:

  • Use a captivating story

  • Share quick tips

  • Simple strategies and

  • How-to's in bite-size and easy to digestible chunks.

  • Capitalise on trends... Dive into TikTok, YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels ~

See what’s trending. Then recreate something similar for your business, industry or niche.

Learn about your dream customers and what makes them tick:

Are they more into:

“The Beatles” or “Bob Marley”


“Nigella or Jamie Oliver”

Do they start their day with a:

“Coffee”, “Tea” or “Green juice”

Are they into “fast food” or “fine dining”?

Is it all about “Yoga and meditation” or jumping on “Peloton and crushing a HIIT workout”

Are they more like

“Olivia Pope” or “Carrie Bradshaw”?

Dive into what floats your customer’s boat so you can create shareable content they love.


No. 5 Be Consistent

Tell me if I’m right... Sometimes it can feel like you are wearing a dozen different hats and juggling a million balls?

You’re the:


Social media manager

Operations supervisor




You’re filtering emails

Acquiring clients

Processing orders

Creating content and I could go on and on…

So, first of all, cut yourself some slack. And show yourself some grace.

When you drop the occasional ball… as we all do… Forgive yourself don’t beat yourself up.

Rest and recharge.

Now ~ as you start to tick boxes such as:

  • Identifying your ICA

  • Creating your website

  • You’re attracting your dream customers and

  • Adding names to your email list…

You’ll want to turn your attention to automation.

Where possible ~

Set up systems in your business where you can consistently create, schedule and share content.

The more consistent you are the more you will increase your brand awareness.

Batching can help.

In this post: How to create a social media strategy that saves you time I share how you can take one piece of heart content and create many social media posts.

I also provide a list of the best social media scheduling tools on the market to help you get automation in your business up and running so you never feel like this when you have to post on social media!

And there you have it ~ 5 Ways To Increase Brand Awareness And Stand Out In A Saturated Market

And now I would love to hear from you!

Did you like this video? Was it helpful in any way? Which tip resonated with you the most?

I would love to know.

Leave me a comment or question below.

Love Nat x


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