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The one-stop shop for new and aspiring copywriters looking to be the next big deal in the copywriting space. Everything you need to start, run and scale a successful copywriting business on your own terms…

Attract high-paying quality clients WITHOUT cold-calling, sending spammy emails to strangers and charging peanuts for your words on Fiverr.

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Become a Copy Rebel

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Hey there, Rebel!

It’s no accident you’re here.


I bet, for you, writing is NOT just a hobby. You love it. If you could do it all day… every day… and not get paid, you would. 


But, if given the chance to make money with your words and change people’s lives at the same time… I’m guessing you’d take that bet.

Am I right?



Your copywriting business is fully booked with kind-hearted and high-paying clients…

You have the creative, financial, time and location freedom to live life on your terms…

You call the shots, no longer have a boss and can build the life you really want…


The Copy Rebel is for you.

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What’s The Copy Rebel?


The Copy Rebel is one of a kind. 


It’s called The Copy Rebel for a reason.


We break the rules, we do things differently and we colour (or rather write) outside the lines.


The way we see it, the old way of starting and running a copywriting business is over. The system is broken. That’s why new and aspiring copywriters are feeling lost and confused about how to get started, how to attract clients on a consistent basis and how to make writing words their full-time money maker.


Here’s the thing -


The world is changing and with it the way the copywriting world operates… And I’m not talking about AI or platforms like Fiverr where you compete with other copywriters on time and price. 


Inside The Copy Rebel, it’s less about hustle and more about heart. 


We laser in on the most important resource of all… YOU.




Position yourself as an authority and identify your unique copywriting skills

(a.k.a. The writing skills that make you special and the go to copywriter in your space).

Attract dream clients with big hearts and big budgets.

Build a winning portfolio (and I don’t mean in the classic sense) that shines a light on your copywriting brilliance and sets you apart from your competition.

Design a copywriting business that can go the distance and supports the life you want.


The Copy Rebel is a total game-changer for any new and aspiring copywriter who currently feels overwhelmed and underpaid. 


In 12 weeks, we transform the way you set up, run and (when you’re ready) scale your copywriting business.

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Highly recommend

The Copy Rebel was a brilliant experience.

I met some great new writers and learned from Nat who knows her stuff. 


I have written 4 emails and a social media post for a friend who owns a business. So technically this is my first client!

Exciting times. 


Highly recommend The Copy Rebel to anyone wishing to grow as a copywriter.

The next generation of copywriters needs a mentor like Nat

I just want to say a huge thank you to Nat for being the guiding light that she is. 


The new generation of copywriters need and deserve a mentor that is passionate about helping them hone their craft as a writer so they can realise their dreams and that’s exactly who Nat is.

I had so many questions and they were all answered

I had so many questions before joining the programme and they were all answered throughout the course. 


Week by week the whole process was falling into place. 


The group calls and 1-2-1 coaching were very beneficial. They give you a chance to talk to others who are on the same path as well as get private advice from Natalie.

We Asked Clients To Tell Us In 1 Word...


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How Does The Copy Rebel Work?


The Copy Rebel supports, serves, educates and guides new and aspiring copywriters every step of the way through:


◊ 6 modules you can work through at your own pace with instant access to the members-only area, resource library and welcome videos when you start.


◊ Group coaching calls on Google Meet with your fellow students, to share wins, ask questions and dive into the course content a little more. Can’t make it live? No worries - you’ll have access to the recordings for life.


◊ Private 1:1 coaching calls with Nat (your Copy Coach) throughout the programme to support you as you work towards reaching your copywriting goals.


◊ Email access to Nat and get instant feedback on copy work and additional support on the areas most specific to you.


◊ Copy Club where you can flex your writing muscles and sharpen your copywriting skills. As a group, we will deep dive into copywriting exercises, and the fun workout sheets while throwing around scroll-stopping ideas that inspire action - it’s creative, outcome-driven and a ton of fun!

And that’s not all!


◊ Website page templates for your Home, About, Services, Contact and Sales pages so you can

create a website that attracts your ideal customers with ease… in no time at all.

◊ The Steal My System walkthrough on how you onboard and offboard high-paying clients that guarantees you get killer testimonials and repeat business…


Yep, I’m showing you how I do this in my business step-by-step! 

… And you’ll have all of this for life!

Word From Nat


After 10 years in the copywriting game and experiencing the highs and lows of running my own successful and purpose-driven copywriting business, I wanted to create a programme that did more than just teach you how to write copy. Granted - you learn how to write great copy in the programme too [wink].


But deep down, I wanted to minimise the uncertainty, overwhelm and confusion many new and aspiring copywriters face when they’re just starting out. I wanted to show them a different way of starting, running and scaling their copywriting business and what's more…


Show them how to do it in a container where they feel seen and heard. A safe space for new and aspiring copywriters to be themselves in the company of fellow creative thinkers and compassionate marketers on a similar path.


The Copy Rebel is the birthplace of new-age compassionate marketers, word-wielding warriors and messaging mavens committed to leaving their unique mark on the copywriting world.  

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Let's Pull Back The Curtain


Module 1: Freedom

Free yourself from the limiting beliefs of the old way and shift your way of thinking to a more abundant mindset so you can step into the liberating new way of starting and running your new-age copywriting business with a crystal clear vision.

Discover the game-changing difference between the freelance copywriter and copywriting business owner and choose the right path for you. 

Identify your core values and the life you want so you can build a copywriting business that supports that vision. 

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Module 2: Rebel

Identify your polarising power, the clients you want to work with and the unique qualities that set you apart from every other copywriter in your space. 


Design the copywriting business you want and the kind of copywriter you want to be so you can attract your ideal clients and design bespoke premium copywriting services that transform their businesses.


It's time to play around with your unique copy style signature and brand voice so you feel in complete alignment with the words you write and the people you work with. 

Module 3: Copy Craft

The best copy creates a memorable connection between brands and their customers. Your role as a copywriter is to be the bridge that connects the two - the connective tissue so to speak. 

Learn the copywriting tools and techniques behind writing words that inspire action in your readers. It’s less about writing and more about crafting.


From hooky headlines to engaging body copy, here's where you’ll learn how to write ethically persuasive copy that inspires action and leads to conversions worth tracking... You know, the things that *actually* grow your copywriting business.

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Module 4: Shine

Let your inner copy rebel out to play. Put pen to paper (or rather, hit the keypad) and start writing words that will showcase your brilliance as a copywriter so your ideal customers know you exist. It's time to shine!

Write copy and create content for your copywriting business such as your website copy, email funnels, blog posts and social media captions using copywriting tools and techniques that command attention, inspire action and lead to conversions that promote growth.

Module 5: Thrive

This module will give you the proven system I use in my business to onboard, off-board and serve high-paying clients with a level of professionalism that delivers quality service and guarantees happy customers, repeat business and raving reviews. 

You'll learn how to use modern marketing strategies to attract your ideal customers and nurture meaningful relationships with them so they feel inspired and motivated to work with you... and not your competition [wink].

Here's where the strategic copywriter is born; you'll learn the front end and back end systems needed to ensure your copywriting business thrives from set up to scale up.

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Module 6: Impact

This module explores how to effectively increase your brand awareness and sell your premium copywriting services. You'll also learn the different ways to scale your copywriting business (when the time is right) in a way that supports the life you want and the impact you want to make.

Learn how to price your copywriting services in the right way so you hit your desired income goals - forget working for free or for peanuts - you are a specialist copywriter and your copywriting products, services and prices will reflect that. 

This module is all about compassionate marketing; learn how to write words in your one-of-a-kind copywriting business that inspires people to open their hearts and whip out their cards!

Unleash Your Copy Rebel


If you’ve read this far, I have a sneaky suspicion your inner copy rebel is unfurling, stretching and awakening…


So book a call and let’s see if The Copy Rebel

is the right programme for you.


This transformational programme is application only and that’s a good thing -


This way of enrolling ensures every person inside the programme is committed to learning new skills, passionate about writing and ready to do the work to see results… as much as you.



It’s not just words… we’re cultivating an authentic path for ourselves!

Natalie Milligan is a true gift!


I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey as a Copy Rebel because it’s not just words we are writing it is cultivating a path that is in alignment with our very true authentic selves!


Proud to be a Copy Rebel.

She not only teaches you how to write copy… she brings out the best in you

I was unsure about everything, to be honest. What to do and where to start but the programme provides everything you need. 


Natalie listened to our concerns and was so amazingly supportive through every step. She took the time to learn about us all individually and what we wanted to achieve. She genuinely cares. 


 I really enjoyed this experience and would recommend The Copy Rebel to anyone looking to get into copywriting.

From the moment I had my discovery call, I knew Nat was special. She not only teaches you how to write copy… she brings out the best in you.


Nat, your encouragement, enthusiasm and support are priceless. I'm proud to say I'm a Copy Rebel.



The programme provides everything you need

When Does The Copy Rebel Start?

Enrolment for The Copy Rebel is open now. 


It’s really important to me you feel seen and heard when you enrol in The Copy Rebel.

I want to support you every step of the way and make the most of our time together. That’s why…



To make sure your questions get answered and your copy work gets my full attention,

I will be keeping these groups small and intimate.


It’s me being honest.

The best way for me to show up for you is to do it this way.


If The Copy Rebel is the right fit for you then join us and get immediate access to the

Members Area, Welcome Videos, Module 1 and  Resource Library.

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How Much Does The Copy Rebel Cost? Are there Payment Plans?

The investment for The Copy Rebel is £3500 (Full value price).


But I like to reward action takers and people who know what they want. So, if you’re offered a space, you could join this life-changing programme for £2500.


There are also 3 different payment plans where you can pay for the programme in monthly instalments spreading payments across 2, 3 or 6 months. We can discuss this more on the call.

Entering credit card details

Still on the Fence?



1. I’m not a writer and have no experience. Will the programme work for me? Yes, the course has been created for new and aspiring copywriters. Copywriting is like any other skill - riding a bike, learning to drive, roasting the perfect golden and succulent turkey on Christmas Day - the more you do it the better you get AND you can absolutely learn copywriting without any experience. You need to be committed to learning new things and have a passion for writing. It helps too that you also like to read because the best writers are readers.

2. How long will it take before I book my first client? Mmm… the words, 'long', 'piece' and 'string' come to mind here [wink]. It’s impossible to give you a definitive answer because so many other factors come into play - skills, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, network, communication, engagement and financial situation, to name a few. The Copy Rebel provides students with the business and copywriting tools, knowledge, industry insights and experience needed so they feel confident positioning themselves as an authority, selling, pitching, onboarding and serving their ideal clients.

3. I'm not sure if now's the right time for me to do this. I truly believe there’s no better time than now to make this happen. Let’s face it, we put things off and make excuses but that little voice inside keeps telling us we were born to do something else, be bold, daring and take a chance. The people I work best with are coachable, committed, passionate, resourceful, action-orientated, enthusiastic and fun-loving. And ultimately, they are super-excited about starting their copywriting business.

4. I’m already a freelance copywriter. How will The Copy Rebel make me better? Well, there’s always more to learn in life and possibly a better way of running your copywriting business… Only you can answer that. The Copy Rebel is designed for new and aspiring copywriters to help you create a copywriting business that puts you in the driver's seat of your business. If you want to achieve more freedom, success on your own terms, a sense of purpose and creative fulfilment as a writer then The Copy Rebel will show you how.

5. There are so many copywriting courses out there. What makes The Copy Rebel different? The Copy Rebel is the only high-level group coaching programme of its kind for new and aspiring copywriters that shows you how to successfully manage the business and creative sides of your freelance copywriting business. It’s also a multi-level programme offering students a healthy mix of independent study, 1:1 private coaching and mentoring, group coaching, copy work reviews and feedback and copywriting masterclasses. As well as £1000s worth of copywriting guides, plug ‘n’ play templates, and Swipe Files that you’ll have access to for life.

6. I have a full-time job, family, kids, and other commitments and might miss some of the calls…. Can I still do the programme? I TOTALLY get it. And firstly I love the fact you’re not letting your full plate of responsibilities stand in the way of you pursuing your copywriting dreams. The Copy Rebel has been created to take busy schedules into account. You can work through the modules at your own pace, all group coaching calls are recorded and saved in the members-only area for life and there are early morning and evening slots available for private coaching calls to meet you at your stage of life right now. This is another reason why the application-only access to The Copy Rebel is so valuable. It’s a chance for us to really see if The Copy Rebel is the right fit and is entering your life at the right stage of life.

7. Can I make 6-figures as a copywriter? Yes. There’s no glass ceiling to how much you can earn when you become a freelance copywriter if you do it in the right way. The Copy Rebel will show you the strategies to make specialism - in other words, become the go-to person in your industry, sector or niche - and scaling a true possibility for you. It goes without saying, there’s no such thing as overnight success stories in this industry. Hard work, commitment to the craft, the building of resilience and continual practice and growth will play a big factor in how you grow and develop as a copywriter.

8. I’m terrible at English, can’t spell to save my life and don’t get me started on my Grandma, I mean my grammar. Can I still be a copywriter? Hahaha… join the club. Me too. In fact, I couldn’t read and write properly till I was 11 - no joke! In fact, I know some copywriters who are dyslexic and are crushing it. Because here’s the thing, great copywriting is more about storytelling than it is about being exemplary in spelling and grammar. The Copy Rebel isn’t a course in how to write “properly”. I’m not an English school teacher! Don’t get me wrong, your readers need to understand what you’re harping on about! But there are tools, which you’ll learn about inside The Copy Rebel, to help you write clear, engaging and action-driven copy.

9. I want to be a copywriter part-time so I have it as an extra income stream. That’s a great idea. I’m a fan of having multiple income streams and you can totally become a part-time copywriter. There are programmes on the market that will teach you the copywriting basics to help you kickstart a part-time gig. But, The Copy Rebel might be too comprehensive for you. It’s best suited for passionate writers and open-minded people willing to do the work so they can become copywriters full-time. It requires you to be fully engaged, present and committed 100% to the journey.

10. I don’t think I can afford it. Do you have a payment plan? Yes. There’s an interest-free payment plan available which allows you to spread the cost of the programme over 2, 3 and 6 months to meet your needs. Also if you’re application is accepted you’ll be invited into the programme at the early bird price where you’ll save hundreds of pounds as well.


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Here’s your fork in the road moment


The way I see it, you’ve got two choices at this point. You can close this window and go about your day and the truth is if you’re not ready to become a full-time passion-driven and dedicated copywriter then that’s what you should do.


Because the role of The Copy Rebel ain’t for the faint-hearted.


The copywriting tide is turning.

You need a relentless desire to be the best you can be.

Have an insatiable hunger to write words every day (not just a hobbyist or part-timer).

And be ethically ambitious in your pursuit of success.




Open to being coached, adopting a new mindset and learning new skills…

Kind-hearted and willing to support others…

Committed to becoming the best copywriter you can be…

Ready to show up, do the work and participate in the programme 100%...



Inside The Copy Rebel we do things differently.

It’s not your typical copywriting programme. 


It dares to be different because YOU are different.

YOU get to be in control. 



Close the window or click the link?

TCPDS CERTIFIED -  transparent.png

The Copy Rebel is an accredited globally recognised CPD training programme. 

You can trust that TCR has been assessed at every stage to ensure the student's learning experience in the programme meets the Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks.


It has been approved by the CPD assessors on the grounds of quality and integrity. And on the successful completion of the programme, every student will receive a certificate, approved by the CPD, that they can use when applying for copywriting work.

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