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Copywriting Ninja Tips For Beginners. Power Poses and Positive Affirmations To Spark Creativity

OK ~ calling all Grey’s Anatomy fans to the party, here’s a quick trivia question for ya!

Who remembers the scene where Amelia Shepherd stands in superhero pose before walking into the operating theatre to perform life-saving surgery on her mentor? (there's a clip of it below for your viewing pleasure)

Well it turns out that not only was Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the show, masterminding an iconic scene but she shone a light on a piece of science that as entrepreneurs we can embrace and implement into our own lives and see remarkable results.

According to research, first carried out by Amy Cuddy in 2010, standing in power poses like superhero pose; standing tall, with your legs hip-distance apart, chin up and arms on your hips, have been proven to increase levels of testosterone (giving us a feeling of confidence) and reduce cortisol (lowering stress levels).

But, Nat, What Does This Have To Do With Writing Content For My Business?

Well, if you find writing content for your business difficult then stand in superhero pose for a couple of minutes before you sit down to write and then show that blinking curser who’s boss!

Another thing that might work is the art of positive affirmations. Saying positive words over and over again can override your thoughts, changing your mindset and ultimately transforming your life.

The key is to use words that spark creativity and empower you. Here are some that are known to help build confidence:

  1. I am aware of my gift to the world and share it freely

  2. I am a positive being, aware of my potential

  3. Challenges are opportunities from which to learn and grow

  4. I am becoming a better version of myself every day

  5. I am accessible, bold and creative.

Hold up, say that last one again!

Most of the time when I’m creating blog content, like this post, I want to make sure my post ticks a few boxes ~

  • Inform - in the form of ideas and insights

  • Educate - peppering my content with with some relevant research, science-backed proof and hyperlinks

  • Entertain - hey, it wouldn’t be a Nat Milligan blog without a cheesy gif or two

  • Inspire - encourage you to take what you learn for spin in your own business

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit. ~ Aristotle

So when it feels like writing will be harder than usual, I say these words:

“I am accessible. I am bold and I am creative”

“I am accessible. I am bold and I am creative”

“I am accessible. I am bold and I am creative”

I repeat this affirmation as an invitation to the writing muses, in hope that they may appear and through them I can create my best work.

Why these words: "accessible", "bold" and "creative"?

Well, because they act as a reminder to cover the four areas I mentioned earlier: information, education, entertainment and inspiration.

How, you might ask?

Well, that’s the perfect question - and segway [wink] - into the meat and potatoes of today’s post ~

Copywriting ninja tips and the ABC formula to writing words that connect with your audience.

If you've been scratching you pretty little head wondering, What's up with The Jackson 5 gif... Well, their 1970's hit song, ABC, is the inspiration behind this acronymn. Let's take a closer look ~

A ~ stands for Accessible

B ~ stands for Bold

C ~ stands for Creative

A= Accessible

Be accessible in your language, tone and in the way you show up and serve.

Accessible means to be relatable. To be approachable, kind-hearted, customer-focused and person-centred in everything you do.

Accessible doesn’t mean you need to be liked by everyone - that’s not possible and nor is it necessary.

Instead, to be accessible means that your ideal customers gravitate towards you; your energy, your message and respect and share your values.

If people feel a warm welcome when they land on your website, feel compelled to pick up the phone and call you and open your emails when you land in their inbox then the chances are you are connecting with them. And that’s what we all desire most, love and connection.

B= Blod

Being bold means to proudly take up space in your little corner of the world.

Own who you are and what you do.

Be bold in your messaging, take pride in the work you churn out, in the services you offer and in the products you sell.

You are a unique one-time miracle event and it's up to you to shine bright.

To be bold means you must be clear in your messaging, stand in your truth and deliver on your promises; to yourself and to your customers.

Being bold doesn't mean being arrogant.

It means to be compassionate, considerate and socially and spiritually conscious.

Chances are you have experience, knowledge, qualifications and insights that are of value to your customers so take pride in that and own your fabulousness.

And finally…

C= Creativity

Creativity is a reminder to have fun and enjoy the process of starting and running your own business.

This is your dream, your vision, your calling, your experiment, whatever it is, it’s yours to nurture and develop as you wish.

It's your choice how you want it to grow and the directions you wish to take it in.

Creativity invites us to play, experiment and try new things. It acts as a reminder to lean into the unknown and attempt to exceed our own expectations and ultimately keep surprising ourselves.

Roll up your sleeves, get scrappy if that’s your style, colour outside the lines and dive into new projects and ideas that excite, intrigue and offer opportunities to learn and grow.

In my business, I want to reflect this in the content I share and in my copywriting style.

I like to experiment with different layouts, styles and designs, lengths and texture of my copy.

I take into account the way I write, not just the words themselves but how they land and lift off the page.

I pay attention to the tone and texture of my content and see what works and what doesn't - most of the time I don't know the answer to this question until I hit publish and read the comments, notes and feedback.

But before any of that, when I'm in the creative zone I play and have fun.

I want to use stories and examples to get ideas across in creative ways so I ask myself

How can I make this more interesting for my readers?

Has this been said like this before by me or someone else? If so, how can I change it, breath new life into it?

How can I make this passage lift off the page, give it wings and touch the reader’s heart?

These questions force me to dig deeper and tap into a never before explored creative nook that lies somewhere within my being.

There you have it, copywriting tips for beginners and my ABC formula to writing words that connect with your readers and with the help of superhero poses and positive affirmations can spearhead you towards writing with a little more confidence.

OK, Let’s Wrap It Up With A Quick Recap

A ~ be accessible to your readers. Invite them into your world. Show you understand and can relate to them. Take them behind the scenes of your business, what you’re working on or struggling with. Let them see that you are human. After all, you are a human running a business.

B ~ be bold and unapologetically YOU. Own your unique charm. Your special gift. Your quirkiness and your indisputable awesomeness.

You are the CEO of your own existence. Don’t play small. Create your business, be proud, be gracious, be kind and be outstanding. That’s who you are and what your customers deserve.

C ~ be creative and enjoy the process. Whether you believe it or not you are a creative creature. Everyone on the planet is creative. We all have ideas that we have the divine-given power to bring to life. Your business was once a seedling of an idea - just a mere thought - and no matter how far you are on your journey, you are further today than you were yesterday. To be creative means to never stop dreaming, experimenting, playing, having fun and enjoying the ride.

And if you need a little encouragement and a shot of confidence to get your head in the game and your creative juices flowing then stand in superhero pose and look in the mirror and reaffirm your greatness with an affirmation or two.

And now, I’d love to hear from you ~

What’s your favourite affirmation? Have you ever used the superhero pose, how did it feel?

I’d love to know. Tell me in the comments below.

Love Nat


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Nichola O'Hara
Nichola O'Hara
08 ביולי 2021

Oh I love a good power pose! I have been known to channel my inner Wonder Woman (usually in the loo!) before going to speak publicly but I have not considered using before writing copy. So will definitely try that. My main affirmation is ‘Trust Yourself’ because it’s all inside you and you have to trust in what you can bring to the table. If I don’t trust myself , neither will my clients. Another great blog post Nat, thanks! I will use ABC for sure!

08 ביולי 2021
בתשובה לפוסט של

Channelling your inner Wonder Woman in the ladies bathroom is brilliant! 😆 Nic, I love your affirmation to 'Trust Yourself'. You're absolutely right when you say, "If you don't trust yourself, neither will your clients." That's such an important truth. You can use the same affirmation when you sit to write - trust that you have everything inside you to bring your idea to life on the page because you do. Thank you for sharing, angel. Happy writing! 💞

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