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The Week We Said Goodbye To Our Big Beautiful Pup

A Tribute To Mister Riley, The Sweetest Soul I've Ever Known

We let our dog, Riley, go last week and I can’t stop crying.

It’s been the hardest thing I’ve gone through since losing my parents when I was a kid.

To be honest, grief is way harder when you’re a parent and you see your kids processing that level of pain than it is to go through it yourself.

It’s like your heart breaks twice.

Riley was our beloved dog for the last 12 years and his passing has left a huge void in our family.

I still expect to hear his footsteps and hear the sound of him eating from his bowl.

I miss his goal hanging while I cook dinner, his little face waiting expectantly for a piece of food to fall from the kitchen counter.

I miss the wag of his tail, the softness of his coat, the smell of his ears and his smile - yep, Riley smiled when he saw you.

I miss hoovering up his fur and believe me as a Type-A Virgo neat-freak, that’s saying something.

I miss family walks with him and cosy cuddles by the fire.

I miss everything. All of him. So much.

Every morning, for a split second, before I shift from dream to reality, I forget he’s gone. I listen out for the way he would shuffle on his bed but there’s nothing.

Just silence.

Then I remember...he’s not there. A tear meets my cheek, I pray for his beautiful soul and I rise and start my day.

This has been my ritual for the past week - my life right now.

But time keeps rolling. It feels somewhat cruel that the world doesn’t stop spinning, not even for a second, to acknowledge the precious lives of those we love that are no longer with us.

But, I guess with the moving of time comes the transition into healing.

And as a family we are healing, day by day, bit by bit.

We are adjusting to life without the kindest soul I’ve ever known there to greet us with unbridled love and excitement every morning.

We are adjusting to life without the one being I’ve ever known to love unconditionally, to accept without judgement, trust completely and live fully in the moment.

We are adjusting, living and loving the memories and times we shared together.

Riley, my beautiful big pup, gone but never forgotten.

Rest well, my love. Rest well.



I know this is a very different post to the ones I usually share. In fact, I went back and forth on whether or not to share it but then I thought -

I’m not a robot. Neither are you. We have feelings. We are human beings, living, breathing and precious souls. We go through challenges and sometimes our businesses have to take a backseat. That’s life and sometimes it’s not business as usual.

And so I paused. I stopped. I cried. I breathed. And I allowed the wave of emotion and the magnitude of the moment in our little family's life to wash over me.

It felt incongruent to post about online marketing when something more personal was on my mind, when something so sacred was unfolding in my world that was altering the beat of my heart.

So, my love, I think it's OK to step back if ever you feel a calling to do so. Listen to your inner voice and trust your instincts. You know the right path for you and your business.

With so much love, keep shining bright.

Nat x

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