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3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Copywriter

Red Flags! Warning Signs for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Looking To Hire a Copywriter

I’ve been in a very fortunate position. After working with clients from different industries from the world of health and fitness, fashion, art, media, finance and business, I’ve had an up-close view of the common mistakes entrepreneurs and business owners make when hiring a copywriter.

Many bad experiences with copywriters can be avoided if entrepreneurs and business owners factor in these 3 things before they invest their time, energy and money in copywriting services.

Infographic showing the 3 Things To Consider When Hiring a Copywriter

1. The Copywriter

Consider the copywriter’s skills, personality, experience, specialism, and ability to execute on their promises. There are many other factors to consider, too. Such as copywriting style, project fees, possibly location, language, etc.

Don’t be misled into thinking more years means better copywriting! It should but that’s not always the case. A new copywriter, full of energy, copywriting skills under their belt and a willingness to receive productive feedback might be better than the copywriter with 10 years under their belt who’s stuck in their ways and unwilling to try the latest tools and tech. Trust your gut when booking a copywriter for your business!

2. The Project

Clarify the project. Get into the weeds of the existing challenges you currently face, and explore possible solutions and potential outcomes. Ask yourself, why you need a copywriter for this project. Remember the best copywriters are strategic thinkers. They do more than simply write words that sound good.  If you are stuck working out what motivates your customers to buy then a brand voice or UX copywriter could be the perfect fit. 

If you’re launching a new website, product or service then a conversion or specialist copywriter with an understanding of launch funnel assets and email sequences, SEO, social media and direct response copywriting skills might marry up well with your needs and objectives. Ensure the project and the copywriter are the right fit.

3. The Timeframe

Contrary to our fast-food, fast-fashion, microwave dinner culture, very few of the successful copywriters I know subscribe to fast-copy ideals. I choose to invest time to research, learn, discover and dive deep into the fabrics and company culture of the brands and people I work with. 

If we were talking about relationships… great copywriting is about the wine and dine experience. It’s the opportunity to be romantic and enter into a courtship towards romance and long-lasting love. It’s not a wham-bam, thank you, mam, with a quick fumble between the sheets. 

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner looking to book a copywriter, try to devote enough time to the project. Don’t rush the process. Instead, allow yourself and the copywriter time to create from a place of space and abundance. In my experience - and I’ve been in situations where I’ve been rushed and been allowed sufficient time - the difference in the two outcomes has been profound.   


If I were in the shoes of an entrepreneur or business owner on the hunt for an excellent copywriter, I’d avoid a 'Jack of all Trades' copywriter. I’d look for a specialist copywriter.

Quote by copywriter Natalie Milligan about the art of niching down

3 Ways a Copywriter Might Specialise


This relates to the copywriting they deliver. This post breaks down the most popular and in-demand copywriting styles on the market right now. This is why having a clear understanding of the project is so important. You’ll want to clarify the different copywriting disciplines required to achieve your goals and choose a copywriter who specialises in these skills. This will help minimise the chance of you being dissatisfied with the copy work produced. 


This relates to the industry, sector or niche. Consider relationships, health and wellness, entertainment, business, finance, sport, tech, fashion, parenting, sustainability, etc. Some copywriters have a passion for a specific industry, sector or niche and have a wealth of knowledge in their chosen field of interest.

Their passion and knowledge put them at an advantage over a 'Jack of all Trades' copywriter who has general knowledge about most things. Such copywriters may need to carry out extensive research beforehand to come up to speed on a new industry, sector or niche. There’s nothing wrong with this. But I’ve found choosing a copywriter with shared interests as you, who has a passion for the products and services you offer because they’re passionate about the space you operate in, can be of massive value. This fact - along with a match in your personalities, a fondness for their copywriting style signature and a synergy between you both communication-wise - can minimise friction and reduce the chances of dissatisfaction in the end.  


Some copywriters choose to specialise in a specific target audience, dealing with a specific problem that their copywriting services solve. I know a copywriter who specialises in writing email marketing campaigns for 6-figure female entrepreneurs. This is highly specific and her services are tailor-made for her target audience. This might be an important factor for you to consider when searching for the right copywriter. 

Some entrepreneurs and business owners may start to see some red flags if they ignore the 3 things to consider and forget to take on board the importance of discipline, division and demographics when hiring a professional copywriter. But this can be avoided by considering the points above.

Infographic showing the 3 Ways a Copywriter Might Specialise

Simplify to Amplify: Have a Do-It-With-Your-Eyes Closed Process

At the beginning of my copywriting journey, I re-invented the wheel with every client, starting from scratch every time, which wasted valuable time. But now, I subscribe to the belief that although every client is unique, my process doesn't have to be.  

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from countless client calls and different projects over the last 10+ years and found the patterns and similarities. Then I created rinse and repeatable assets in my business to make the tasks I do on every project simple and much faster. 

I use checklists, roadmaps, templates, workout sheets and progress call questions, which ensures every client receives and experiences the same level of care and attention throughout their projects. 

Every student inside The Copy Rebel receives copies and examples of: 

  • Templates; for website pages, sales and landing pages, blogging, email marketing, social media captions and more.

  • Project worksheets to help clients share their brand story and copywriting style. Accompanied by exercises to help clarify their offers and objectives.

  • Examples of questions for the different stages of the customer journey. From the prequalifying and clarity call stage to the progress call questions and end-of-project summary and testimonial request. And more!

Infographic showing some of the features of The Copy Rebel Programme

Everything is fully customisable so you can make them your own. But having them readily available takes the guesswork out of what to do and how to do it!

It’s the fully stocked toolbox of copywriting assets to help new and aspiring freelance copywriters streamline their process and deliver the best possible results for their clients every time. 

If you’re interested in becoming a sought-after passion-driven copywriter with the freedom to work when you want and hit your income goals at the same time then The Copy Rebel programme might be the perfect path for you.

Client Testimonial with the words: This whole journey has been incredible

Let me know if you’d like me to do an upcoming post where I walk you through my process when I work on a client project. Write the words “Process Breakdown” in the comments. If enough of you request it, I’ll do it! 

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